Friday, October 30, 2015


Pic of Lupu bridge in Shanghai from

among asteroid clutter and stardust, again I drift in limbo, this time in the correct shape, with grim determination to learn the meaning of life, sorting through a disarray of parachute cords, puppet strings, hopefully entangled, tugging at random, oh this one is laugh, now there it goes, back with death or disease or something unsavory

but real, very real and earnest, and my feet uncurl out from under planet, I try to hobble along in full recognition of exactly how important life is, and isnt, mostly is, I think, need to grab on for this one, nearest fabric is, and a tiny is not, with way more persuasion, my feet ache, why temple run dammit, why not cut the rope, something more pro stasis, and I get comfortable in limbo

loving the delete button, such a wonderful offset for the inchoate ache of material science, not startling though to see life repeat itself, first in tragedy, and then in backup, convenient though, for reasonable learners like me, to infinite loop complex lessons until enlightenment dawns

Monday, October 19, 2015


the difference between a book and a game should be fairly obvious now - especially after wow, candy crush saga and angry birds

a glimpse into an immortal soul vs mass entertainment. sometime in the middle of the game revolution there was doubt - mainstream entertainment or world building. specially with games like baldurs gate, commandos (1 and 2), thief3, monkey island, quake3. those were worlds, no question. my objection is a pricetag in the middle of a world. thats the gcd of creation. not judging, food and life, of course. but im more in favor of keeping fantasy and reality very clearly defined, and let each human mind decide for itself how to blend them.

For eg, I have been reading Mills n Boon for many many years now, but it never occured to me to have such a relationship, or that men and women actually interfaced like that in reality. It was a handy guide for other things in the early years though, including and importantly dealing with emotion. Now if they put an ad for a reality show and pay this much and participate in your own Mills and Boon adventure in the middle of that, and sucked in real human beings, that would have differed. I think.

and yet and yet books are almost dead, says mass entertainment. I still think that a glimpse into someones immortal soul is worth time and money invested. even if its a symphony of hate, rage or pain, I could barely pass page 10 of the god of small things or the satanic verses. But I managed to get through the white tiger, my name is red, and the book thief just fine. They said difficult things - the fury over a supposedly non existent racial bias, the incredible misery of a missing gender, the vagueness of horror beyond a minds comprehension. Books are also the minds eye into a language, its humor and the way it expresses emotion. They are endlessly revealing about the nature of the place the author calls home, like actual nature nature, that influences human nature.

That said, I dont read new authors anymore, never sure what a new book is going to bring. As a parental guideline, taking an emotional skyride is about as responsible as running into a tree. Cannot wait for Babyganix to turn 18. In the meantime, if I had to assemble a book menu for his reading years, it would be

1. Enid Blyton - age 4-10(or however long he chooses to keep with it), The Magic Faraway Tree, The Magic Wishing Chair, Brer Rabbits adventures, Famous Five, Five Find Outers, Secret series, Barney series, Mallory Towers, St Clare's, The Circus Series, The Naughtiest Girl series
2. Bartimaeus series - age 9-14
3. Tintin series - age 10-15- fabulous for capturing the flavor of different cultures
4. Asterix series - age 10-15
5. Three Investigators series - ages 10-12
6. Mad magazines - age 10-15
7. Archie comics - age 10-15
8. Harry Potters - age 10-15
9. Hunger Gameses - age 10-15
10. The Girl with thes - age 10-15
11. Agatha Christie - age 10-15
12. P.G.Wodehouse - age 10-15
13. Erle Stanley Gardner - age 10-15
14. James Herriot - age 10-15
15. The Mahabharatha - if he is inclined, C.Rajagopalachari version, age 12-15
16. Dilbert series - age 12-15 - to decide for himself if he wants a desk job
17. Alistair MacLean - age 13-15
18. Mills and Boon - age 15-17 I choose to delude myself, thank you - To learn how a woman loves, specific authors like Leigh Michaels, Julia Quinn, for little girls, might I suggest Alistair MacLean, James Herriot, P.G.Wodehouse?
19. Sidney Sheldon - age 15-17 - ditto on the self delusion
20. Dave Barry series - age 15-17 - hopefully he wont need comic relief earlier
21. Erma Bombeck series - age 15-17

Sunday, October 11, 2015

in direct opposition of time

there are memories of solid things
life that left little scars
big gaping gashes
sounds of air moving from light to warmth
trails of shadows intensely aware
of light and day
running through stillness
changing shapes with careless ease
the timeless for today
brought to you by
laughter and voices
eyes and ears following
each line of shadow
each spark of sunshine
remembering with hands and feet
to transmit

Monday, October 05, 2015


September was a hard month for me. I lost my family, my yoga teacher, my job and my home. Ok, to moderate the melodrama, they just moved away, its temporary but isnt everything? After a 14 hour flight where I was required to do nothing but vacillate, I am more at peace with life and times. At least I have a plan and hope. Doing nothing in between, is after all, the dream.

The flight was surprisingly uneventful, had a flavor of the Grand Trunk Express in AC, complete with a symphony of miserable tots, pantry car, and disapproving paati in first class. Food was awesome!

IGI Airport is beautiful, overhaul totally worked. Food court has kabutars, obviously. I expect they are the next purely indoor species, after call center and software engineers. Rs.125 for idli sambar. I experienced a rare food based discretion and did not buy it. Going to be money free for next yeh long, the have nots will have to wait. Course, I did tip the airline ten times that, so its unlikely im flush with new found wisdom, but every bit counts. Hope spouse and mommy dont read this one.

Moving on to next Aircraft based Adventure. Pass a Starbucks, a Cafe Coffee Day, waitaminit, coffee is Rs 150 wtf? Im weakening on the Idli Stand. Pass Oman Air, other than the odd family, mostly mallu guys going for jobs. At least some things havent changed. Finally on Terminal 19B to Chennai. I used to take bus 19B from KK Nagar to school when I was 15. Apparently I have been upgraded. Delhi is 37 deg, Chennai should be lovely :)

After acquiring a certain degree of fatness, and various yuppie phobias, I will now be entering the direct range of the old tartar's area of effect spells. Sighhhhh

*Pic is a giant nipple sculpture in middle of IGI airport, other side is the Buddha, of course

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I like to think

I am
one of the good guys
with sound moral bearings
a propensity to do the right thing
dependable kind trustable
honest real
most of the time
instead of
a semi helpless creature
of time and space
trying to stay afloat
with a somewhat terrier attachment
to enjoying the ride
as much as possible
I like to think