Thursday, September 17, 2015

I like to think

I am
one of the good guys
with sound moral bearings
a propensity to do the right thing
dependable kind trustable
honest real
most of the time
instead of
a semi helpless creature
of time and space
trying to stay afloat
with a somewhat terrier attachment
to enjoying the ride
as much as possible
I like to think

Friday, July 31, 2015


among various red blips
potions in long walk sunshine
nightmares made and in making
I dream of a day
like no other
defined by a different spray
of water on the stillness pond
to be felt like braille
before it dissolves
never to be again
I dream of every day

Thursday, July 30, 2015

moving meditation

Hey guys, im going to be writing at for a bit, and it gets more tech

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

why should I learn programming?

1. I = anybody

2. You don't need a degree to learn programming. Just a computer, and a good book / internet

3. It prepares you for parenting. Breaking things down to the very basics, attention to detail

4. It is a good way to learn any business, programming it, patient practice of workflow repetition until the programs takes over

5. It provides instant feedback, right or wrong, 0 or 1. VERY relaxing

6. It is sequential and creative. One of the few activities that exercises both sides of your brain. Also fingers.

7. It teaches you why humans are smarter than computers. The open source world is the closest we have to a programmatic inheritance model, that too is filled with warring city-states

8. Where do I start? HTML, CSS, Javascript, I learnt from and

Sunday, July 05, 2015

of semi-natural things

As a daughter of an engineer and a banker, I am subject to frequent fits of taking stuff apart to see how they work, then struggling twice the time I dont have to put them together again. From mommy, I acquired a certain cynical detachment to money.

Earn enough to support a comfortable lifestyle and save enough for a reasonable sized calamity. No more. Revolving credit is toxic and ends up impoverishing all parties involved, there are always hidden costs to remembering, tracking and dissolving it.

I have also seen the time and opportunity cost + the hassle of acquiring, storing, growing, transporting and protecting vast amounts of paper and coin, it makes me somewhat immune to the fever. Plus im not the best spender, oo-shiny is not the last word in astute money management.

Here are a few ideas ive been bouncing around for a while to add to the app-happy world to try move away from the om-money and stuff-aha

Setup a wiki style sharesite for stuff inventory - detailing what people of a certain age must have + nice to have and why, this has multiple benefits
1. making a list of all the stuff lying around is therapeutic, plus shows what we really use and not
2. peeps can vote on how useful an item is whether definitive or not and edit each list
3. House Slytherin can be convinced to buy in with adverts of their special snowflake refrigerators and what not
4. can be localized to state / street/ apartment / bedroom whatever so if i want to see what a 35 year old mother with dust allergy and a fondness for cake should have in her possession in Chicago, I can.

An app to promote personal relationships. Not facebook and linkedin style. A personal diary style with no cloud business, data sharing, email collection. For each of us to consciously choose the people and relationships we want to grow and get to them in real time. In my head, closeness scale is
1. random conversation / inperson on chat whatever
2. random coffee or happenstance meeting
3. planned coffee or food
4. planned visiting of cultural thing
5. planned holiday
This is incredibly hard after school/college to be conscious and decisive about, but also incredibly important.

A shared system for recycling stuff, starting with the easies. Have each package maker put a color logo on each layer of package, have big box retailers like Target, Walmart, CostCo, Amazon sell garbage bags with these colors, and ask people to sort before throw and/or invest in sort after throw