Friday, April 24, 2015


is a row of wind chime minutes
the indivisible peace of
a day well spent
of hopes given and hearts lent
of hands held and feet curled in
of breathe and balance
music and silence
its a simple direct everyday process
steeped in ignorance
and vast stretches of uncounted time

Monday, April 13, 2015

the signature

with a breath of polemic past
and an eye to rushing ground
the sky so blue and overcast
trying to still that roaring sound
inexorable in its telling
we are, for now
and no amount of ancestry
or rainbows, or hate
can change this
our one defense to blindness
is to play pretense
and spread hope
whatever that means

Friday, March 13, 2015

the pitch and the pendulum

a woman, a smart one
once told me, you cannot wait
till the very last minute
you have to draw the sunrise
in the beginning of time
the sunset, the beach
and if you get it right
and you will, we will
we can ride it forever
never mind the smell of
living things on golden sand
the sound of spray on tan
the touch of a good man
pushed way too far
beyond the shore and the sand
the last minute, should be
a memory of life spent
changing changing the sunrise
into a sunrise

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

theories on reality

 I was reading some stuff on reality and linguistic description today.

 The essential point was that there are two theories on reality -

 One that it is absolute - a theory called Nonconstructivism,

 Another that it is subjective to the hearer/describer. - a theory called Constructivism

 To put it more colourfully, think of describing reality as poking a finger into something.

 Constructivists think of reality as air...You poke a finger at it, it looks like nothing happened, but the air itself has scattered far and wide carrying all our various bacteria with it...

 Nonconstructivists think of reality as a brick wall, or Arnold Schwartzenegger. You can poke and prod at it but it stays inert.

 Broadly, scientific minds swear by the absolute and artists by the subjective.

 Anyhow, the author managed to explain this theory concisely in four pages (nonconstructivism gone rabid) with scant punctuation. To add to my excitement, words like "tropes" and "semioticians" were sprinkled into it with careless ease, .

 So I got to thinking, am I scientist or an artist? After some hours of real time soul searching, I decided that I am a worthless slob best categorized as a "shirkist" as in I shirk everything that I'm not emotionally blackmailed into doing.

 So what does a shirkist feel about reality? I think I speak for all my people when I say, and quote, - "It sucks"

 But truthfully I think I am constructivist... I read another theory a while ago (yeah, yeah, I dont have a life) that everything changes on interaction with any other thing in this universe. I like it, its a zippy definition, so I'm going with it.

 The trouble with Constructivism is that it is too easily refutable.

 For example, here’s a bald fact - There is a desk in a room … It is flagrantly Nonconstructivist … Nothing I can do to change that

 Now let me take this and run with it…

 I am a person in the room. “I see a desk” Its irrefutable and Nonconstructivist.

 I am a carpenter … I see a mahogany desk of fairly average workmanship of the Victorian era … Our horizon expands a little … But its still fact. Its still Nonconstructivist

 (If im not really a carpenter and made this up, our horizon expands anyway but it isn’t reality any more, so I’ll leave that out)..

 I’m also the owner of this desk– This desk contains mostly rubbish collected over the years and that faint jingling noise coming from it is because of the noisy ornament I bought in Burma last year. Still fact.

 Okay, now I’m a carpenter and I made this particular desk – The desk is 15 years old copied from a piece found in a museum, one of its four legs is slightly off balance, therefore it teeters very imperceptibly when that leg is disturbed. It is teetering now therefore something must be disturbing the fourth leg and making the Burmese ornament jangle.

 This is now no longer just fact. We are adding hypothesis to fact. We are calling it a disturbed (:) table. It becomes Constructivist
 I live alone – therefore whatever is disturbing it may or may not be hostile… I should prepare myself. More Constructivist and finally, an inference.

 So the closer we come to knowing the table, the more we can add to its characteristics…The basic fact – “I see a table” is still true. But it is inadequate to describe the reality of the situation now.

 An electron microscope cannot observe particles of the magnitude of an electron because being of the same size it can affect the observed particle’s reality itself and produce a false observation??

 Can this be applied to observation of any reality? Could it be that all realities start out Nonconstructivist, and get more Constructivist the closer the observer gets to the Reality, to the point that the observer has more and more influence on the Reality itself? For better or worse, yogi's choice

Thursday, March 05, 2015

long way home

to an unknown edict
well advertised in mahogany
and brass, garden, wicket gate
ye size of people laughing, playing
striped in evenly spaced shadow
dappled in sunshine,
floodlit to ward winter
earth beneath our toes
marble when it snows
and I return to where I started
trying to move latitudes
with the Maruti at the gate
and ocean in the morning