Thursday, March 05, 2015

long way home

to an unknown edict
well advertised in mahogany
and brass, garden, wicket gate
ye size of people laughing, playing
striped in evenly spaced shadow
dappled in sunshine,
floodlit to ward winter
earth beneath our toes
marble when it snows
and I return to where I started
trying to move latitudes
with the Maruti at the gate
and ocean in the morning

Monday, February 23, 2015

the bully

you're just not good enough
gently now all together
you are just not good enough
a daughter a son a lover a friend
a life form

are you hurt, sorry darling
i'm only trying to help you up


a worker a thinker a druggie a drinker
too weak too strong too tame too wild
which kind of worthless, i'm trying to decide
never worry
I am here to show the way
bleed for me down on your knees
and all this shit will go away

are you hurt, sorry darling
i'm only trying to set you free


*Repost after 6 years - amazing how many different people there are in this world

Thursday, February 19, 2015

the pit and the pendulum

peeping amongst the feathers
turning one by one into flight
flipping seasons by color
days by night
with occasional changes
food clothing and decor
the rainbow, the missing
can be unmissed with
one flick of feather
fear is the key
trust the enemy

Thursday, January 15, 2015

changes in faces

make life turn so blank
sometimes, among branches
roads and snow
when all we are looking for
as souls on a mission
is to see and be seen
something to believe in
but after a reset retry forget
of password after password
jagged slices of credit cards
little bits of confetti identity
my eyes too have changed
searching searching for faces
with a taste for soul
and I must explain why
to the toddler trying each hour
to stretch
mommy's face into a smile

Thursday, January 08, 2015

noseprint to glass

to touch the coldest of days
without leaving the warm foyer
dreading each step
watching ghost lights drift
along the highway slow
careful on this sudden winter
and a sky full of snow
to draw footprints on
an earth full of footprints
to guide life beyond
this beautiful guilded cage
eyes closed to hands rattling
both sides, habit or just shivers
in the cold, the ague of
the longest journey
in a single place