Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Chicago AWS Summit

Terodactile and Hormonica are mostly dormant creatures. We exert ourselves into mild activity only if we feel creatively motivated, as in "If you do not pay rent by tomorrow, we will send you an eviction notice" or Babyganix' latest suicide attempt. Yesterday Hormonica went to Chicago city to learn Amazon Web Services, and generally meet and make connections that may benefit her, networking being of course, one of her core strengths.

Chicago town is a city like any other, big fancy city blocks, dying big fancy city blocks, and construction in between. Its also very beautiful with art all over, will post a pic if I can. My favorite part is the Gotham city style railway running through, gives it a personality!

She was coopted to the McCormick place, which is truly breathtaking. But she was there to tap on a computer screen and look wise as a lot of data is tossed at her frisbee style. She has missed almost every frisbee thrown at her, near unbeatable record. She does fetch extremely well though.

First thing she did on arrival was of course, scope out all the restrooms. This time, she was not underwhelmed, the bathrooms there have a floor that sparkles all diamond like.

She also managed to see the rooftop garden. AWESOME view! Nice summer dream location. One building looks very much like Chennai Central. Also the Grand Ballroom, which was a really Big Room.

The training was nice, but juxtaposed in such a gorgeous place, it was extremely severe and gravitatious. No wind beneath the skirts.

Somewhere around 3 o clock, when she went on her evening coffee trundle, tragedy struck! Someone, and im not naming names here, but it was probably human, flicked her laptop charger. She took a second careful look at her fellow geeks and severely serious learners. Someone SOMEONE in this bunch was a cold blooded felon. She spent about an hour profiling the most suspicious looking of them, but they had different laptops. It was clearly a crime of passion. After a few discreet enquiries she gave up and returned reluctantly to the scintillating world of elastic load balancing.

She took the train back home, which is always fun, especially in the first floor, new perspective of a vast area.

Day 2

Was shopfront day. She heard about shopfronts, saw shopfronts, saw streams of people advertising shopfronts to come. She had no business cards to give out, only potato chips and a phone number. Didnt think it would cut it at this stage of the game, with this crowd.

Apparently she has levelled up to Senior Person somewhere along the way. This requires a LinkedIn Persona With Minimum X Recommends, a Network of people who Make Things Happen, a Website Resume, a Blog of Significant Achievement, and Other Things A Parent /*Admiring Epithets*/ At. Needless to say, she is creating all these things, to keep a toe in the water for the Next Uncertainty Event.

And of AWS? Shes going to try it, of course, its a powerful premise, plus shes always been a fangirl of Amazon ever since they brought the Kindle out.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

nest reorganization

One sweltering winter in January, when Terodactile and Hormonica were stuck in Chennai waiting for a new passport, we made Babyganix (patent pending). He showed up ten months later at 20 below in Minneapolis. For lack of options, he was made in our image. Terodactile covers human phobias from A to M, and Hormonica does N to Z. And both are convinced the other is doing a damn poor job of worrying about their list. Both are continuously offering constructive criticism to each other in polite, peaceful, utterly civilized fashion. So Babyganix learnt diplomacy at age .5. This was also around the time both Terodactile and Hormonica developed Zen. "Hes up" "Hes trying to crawl off the bed" "Hes trying to eat carpet" "I smell a SMELL" "Wheres he WHERES HE? He was right here 10 seconds ago"  

Terodactile specializes in FOOD. Babyganix also specializes in FOOD, ie, the various ways to avoid actually eating any. So a lot of our days are spent in persuasive oratory, eat EAT EAT, you little /*bundle of endless joy*/ Hormonica specializes in PLAY. Babyganix also specializes in PLAY, in the endless procurement of potential dangerous objects placed out of his reach by dragging various objects to them and climbing. Get down get down GET DOWN, you little /*bundle of endless joy*/ Hormonica and Terodactile have been frequently stepladders, among other things. They now sleep in twisted ribbon style to avoid waking up with one sharp tiny foot perched on their throat in a deadly balance dance.

Soon we have to unleash Babyganix into the world, to be social and ingratiating and suchlike. Both Terodactile and Hormonica are utter fail in this arena, and have won numerous awards and personal recognitions for extraordinary service over the years. Hence the blogorama

Saturday, May 30, 2015

a history of garbage

an open letter to
the julian assanjes and edward snowdens
of this world to
take a history of packaging
from those who make and sell
and pour it into facebook
and the like
so the smart folk of this world
can build ropes
starting with how
whittled into threads
to guide us into the waypath
to take it back to earth
so we may start dissolving our debt
to the next seven generations

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

the first step

across an ocean of polemic
step step step and step
with the faint sweet song
of invisible rest of nail
the urge to create
panorama and life
fingerprint and space
trying hard to remove
the siren song
and see what remains

Friday, May 15, 2015

seeker seeking

trying in the circle
of everything life and spoon
I continue to battle
the force of self deprecation
the war of art
following each positive thought
each life affirming action
inward, outward
to infinity and beyond