Thursday, November 20, 2014

full fractal bloom

swept up from little pieces
of soul wreck
absorbed from paper
a single leaf can dry and fall
a copper pot can hold it all
but with big gloves cold feet
patience and an empty wall
humming on the sharpest bits
a single leaf can a tapestry make
dipped in paint, and multiplied
to a full fractal bloom

Sunday, November 16, 2014

making happy

somewhere between Pharrell Williams
and darkness at 4pm
somewhere inside earnest Harvard
champagne supernovas, networking bling
to airbrush learning and practice,
somewhere in hour unknown to reach 10000
when I will call myself a professional
and believe it
somewhere inside a maze of mundane paper
an overdose of myself, past and present
with a promise of someday wonderful
somewhere closer to the final breath
with the beckoning of sleep and a faint wind chime
somewhere further from asinine concepts
fame, success, freedom, equality, true love, used to love
somewhere among a list of do’s and stolen time
to silence wind chime, hd colors
open mind and heart, close world

Friday, November 14, 2014


holding closeup worlds
many slivers of many possible lives
some possible deaths
bouncing spotlights on unmoving things
follow the beam kitkat, oo shiny
pretend motion, can be lead
sitting on a park bench, shivering
at all the magazines
what REAL women do, I don’t
blink again to see, but I’m still not real
trying, chasing, baby suicide-by-parkour around
to read him, the magic faraway tree
my first book, but his generation, he
were born to google and 3d
virtual worlds, spun into reality
fingertips, gaming and wii

Saturday, November 08, 2014

to do

to tie a satin bow
on tedious paper
with unfamiliar hands
color cloth, butterfingers
tongue out concentration
a shrine for action, so far
a dusty non trail
to sentience and feeling, to pain
tiptoeing around pretend ignore
the various burdens of love
life, sometimes needs center stage
to be uncaring, unmoving
to not be
with fireworks and ceremony

Friday, November 07, 2014

across a crowded street

from a life that flipped pages
back and forth, to a life
that replayed favorite moments
rewind, forward
onwards to a third
that reinvents favorite outcomes
replay level
and blink across the crowded street
I must swerve and land
make inroads in the open sea
draw footsteps in the sand
choosing land has many strings
that pull inside the gut
yet trees and grass and mud are same
as are flowers and blood