Saturday, June 24, 2017


one of my favorite bloggers is on tv!

im a total groupie :D!

Monday, May 08, 2017

the whole point of limitless

slowly dragging a squash court, inch by inch, to make with it a swathe of river that turned slowly around, many magic carpetlets airborne and with a few lives left, some minutes before life, trees that blur and change their viewpoints, helpless but for the wanton waste on nothing, building scale alongside, changing wallpapers, when open road and open sky are well documented, and a close open lot is a lot, its not the colors that make the droplets move, its not all the talk talk talk, it is, nor the relentless light that snakes around all little shadow puppets and moves their darkness around, shapes and turns them, there is no looking backwards, but wait we can, to see if it all moved a little, a lot, became rubble with darkness, burst many flowers without warning, the leaves are green again, they exist, look, but no, its raining, pouring over every single last dream, cut sharp and cold, if only eyes wide shut were a teenage boy's most earnest wish come true, sure this too will pass, but what imagined world was it more beautiful, all the angles, shaking like vibrato, wholly unprepared for a little phase shift, now put in the sleepy hollow, a time cake just sweet enough and add coffee, it dulls the great black blur for a few anachrons, so many nightmares before dawn, letting go, hah, timecount is brilliant and nicely punctuated, wide open spaces between slices and guilt, its a magical time to live in, a beautiful day to pause the storm, and turn on a feather, dream along the sparkle of sun and the music between

Sunday, February 26, 2017


trapped in many cocoons
with new ghosts of practice
slowly darkening the limbs
trying to still the flapping feet
ignore the raging roar
of stillness
enjoy a few minutes
of sunshine, and trust
the water people know
everything is a matter of time
everything is a swirl
of the obvious, the unobvious
the salient, the arcane,
the endless, the pointless

Sunday, January 29, 2017

to search perchance to find

of moving, with walking feet
parleying with a beautiful epitaph
of a gorgeous earthquake
to lay some flowers to grow
gather faults and pickaxes to wait
nope, still nothing
take a power nap to wait
reason with odd parodies of time
approximate with the worst
the metal machines
still nothing still waiting
maybe more water
more weather, a soft sighing tune
the sunlights all wrong
maybe cornice with bevel
paintbrush, glue and tap tap
oh that echo so loud
but flowers do not bloom
unwatching now
crunch crunch away
to wander searching
again for the system in the maze
sink into the glass houzz
peacewait for the loud timer
may rain fall sun shine
and flowers bloom

When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.  -  Meister Eckhart

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

sincadinna and the tortoise

it was a chirpy mountain, not quite volcanic, but definitely with a case of indigestion. it made localized noises of a very suspicious nature. Sincadinna, blessed with the worlds poorest sense of smell took no notice of the sounds and basked in the warmth of the struggling mountain. there was a tortoise climbing patiently up the mountain, a very pretty tortoise with even green markings and the cutest pockmarks on its paws. it stopped everytime the mountain got hot, and waited patiently for the episode to pass, before it resumed the climb.

sincadinna rested his extremely unflat belly on the anxious rock and gestured to the tortoise. the tortoise waved a paw with enthusiasm. sincadinna figured it had a message for him and settled in for a nap. the tortoise slid down as it hit a gas pocket, and fell a few hundred feet. it started climbing again. sincadinna was still asleep. after a long satisfied nap, he woke to find the tortoise hadn't progressed much, maybe a few feet more thats all. sincadinna began to get off the mountain in leaps and bounds, galloping towards the tortoise, that stood paralyzed with a look of utmost alarm on its face. sincadinna continued to gallop as the mountain started belching smoke left right and center unable to bear the vast weight of the emperor of the worlds galloping around it willy nilly. with a final wheeze sincadinna rolled up near the tortoise and poked its tail. the tortoise ignored him.

he then went all the way around to the front of the tortoise and peered into its eyes from an inch away, soulfully. the tortoise stared back, did i tell you it was a very pretty tortoise indeed? sincadinna smiled benignly at it, and it looked away again. Sincadinna sighed at this confusing development "Do you want to speak with me?" The tortoise nodded "Yes but only if we both are at the mouth of the volcano" Sincadinna hopped thoughtfully "why? that makes no sense" he was of course, an expert at what made sense.

the tortoise shook her head. "thats the way its got to be". Sincadinna held out a clawed hand "let me hitch you a ride then" The tortoise shook her head again, stretching the diamond markings on her neck to and fro so they glistened in the suns "i must climb myself" sincadinna glared at the irritating tortoise "whats the matter with you?" the tortoise glared back at him "why do you have to know right now?" sincadinna stared back

"thats a good question"

"thats a good answer"

realizing that the tortoise was as capable as him of passing the day doing nothing at all but argue niceties, sincadinna decided to play by the tortoise's rules. he hopped all around the tortoise to show it exactly how fast and beautiful he was. the tortoise stared admiringly, craning its neck all around to watch him move, but it did not move. "keep climbing pretty tortoise, let me do my thing and entertain you until you reach the mouth of this leaky volcano" the tortoise replied with an irritating superiority "how will I ever climb if you keep interrupting me?" sincadinnas eyes widened "you mean you can actually go slower than this?" the tortoise twitched its tail and slowly started pirouetting around on its axis.

sincadinna fell down on his knees and bowed in apology "nonononononononono keep going my pretty one. do you have a name?" the tortoise looked at him in delicate disdain and turned back to face the mountain again "my name is water" sincadinna nodded "thats a sensible name. mines sincadinna" "i know" "how did you know, ive never seen you before in my life" "i just know okay, stop bugging me. tell you what, why don't you hop back to the mouth of the volcano and just wait for me" the volcano wheezed under sincadinnas feet, as if in approval.

sincadinna hopped in place, decided it was a good idea and started hopping uphill again. he felt suddenly unsure if the tortoise would ever make it to the top, and his curiosity was at a peak now, he could not bear to think that he might never know what the tortoise had to say at the top of the leaky volcano.