Tuesday, August 04, 2020

this alarming excess

of order in the fields
the wood and the breeze
and I am the chaos, I am
I dont quite know
but then I see you
the lady in red
across time and space
along perfect arched bridges
defying reason, remember reason
with a gimlet gaze of want
and excess is served
against all odds, remember odds
and I often feel, quite solid
the distance of planets
between us, scaled
with a single look
it is frightening
and I am the order, I am
by the way
this darkness is everywhere
I cannot feel my feet
this shock is quite physical
the cartoon wipeout
of she, who yesterday

Sunday, July 26, 2020

the rise of strangers

for I peeled the curtain
stared at you, for a minute
an hour a year
and you were hate, like love
you were bright like the sun
you were sharp, and true
beautiful entrancing
but the curtain fell
as curtains fall
the grass began to grow
the miles began to spin
and I saw it happen
and thought to myself
oh I am, I am always so slow
to the uptake, to the truth
then you were times a thousand
and I didnt know, that to you
I was times a million
that warm comforting spread
of backup
its good to be king
the grass does not grow
and the hates are a billion grid
of bits and bytes
growing faster and faster
and soon you see a grid
of nulls, they're all alike
you know some, they glow some
they move some
crawl out their crawlspace
and anger and anxiety storm
on a billions scale
why cannot you just be the same
and grow with the speed
of still grass and bones
do within the do
be within the be
so my sense of order can grow
sating my urge to prove
under pain of death
that I am, I am, better than you
otherwise, in this sea
this infinite grill
whats the point of us?

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

on peace

and the history of this world
we know how to make it again
and make it better
and we must be protected
from ourselves, for the fear
the bloodlust that surges
to protect us and our own
is crazed and uncontrollable
and hugging of trees
lamposts and buildings
ideas and power binkys
when our elders are dying
our every system under threat
it has to go.

Sunday, July 05, 2020

blades of wrath

for the windmills in the wind
and theres grass in the sky
sullen and dark
but I dont see tomorrow
ok maybe day after
even after I cry
smoke's crawling in the street
but there is enough
its enough I insist
to eat, the trees
are still blooming
the bees are still moving
the forges are all cold
but we get mornings
this morning is slow

Sunday, June 28, 2020

night without end

and i quite forgive you
for the shocking things
you said, you did, you are
I won't tap my because
from a long slender
cigarette holder
for I am quite horrible
in all the other ways
we do not speak of, see
so its not charity
so you know
you cannot love me
as I deserve each day
but you do, as much as possible
today and beyond
now can we please
forge anger away
from the transliteral
great leaping black lizards
kiss the blarney stone
take a collective breath
in the most extraordinary time
we will ever experience
step back from the void
and move the hell forward
just please?