Friday, January 20, 2006

Spare a penny!

Hiya folks, Its been a long time since I posted anything. The reason is simple; I havent had any meaningful thoughts since my last post. Of course, if you want to know about my laundry issues,Im more than ready to share.

So the new thought I've had is - Discrimination... I watched The Corporation and read a few other disturbing stuff and this word kept popping up in my mind.

Boy children are brought up on GI-Joes and other Jock Toys. The basic message these toys keep hitting at you are - you dont need brains to be stupid. This boy child will soak it up and some day make some girl a very macho, stupid mate or give up and become gay.
And girls with Barbies and other impossible ideals...

Looking like a supermodel is NOT a good thing ladies! It means anorexia, possible anaemia and difficulty during childbirth. THATS the kind of inspiration girls need!

Barbie by herself is rampant discrimnation ladies. In fact, all boy babies should be brougt up on Hugh Grant toys and asked to be like him. Then men will come at par with all those women wanting to have Barbie figures

Today I saw an article on air-hostesses of Air India. They are all required to join fitness regimes and shape up. For the sake of employee health and reduction of BP and cholestrol from sedentary lifestyles?? HELLO!! THIS IS A CORPORATION!! KEEP UP!!

For the sake of beating the competition that has svelter air-hosts/hostesses
Thats the second profession at least to discriminate against fat people (first is modelling). So we have a new discriminatory criteria in countries where regular rich-poor, old-young, black-white discrimination is not currently IN...good looking-bad-looking

Maybe thats the way the world goes. You live, you love, you bitch-about-your-job, you discriminate, you die. Destiny.


  1. Strong (and true) words.

    I think its widespread among the hospitality industry to use sex-appeal as a competitive strategy.

    Come to think of it, dont ALL companies populate the front-offices and receptions with fair-skinned modern-dressing females?

    Disagree with your last sentence though.. life's not so bad. Here's a one-liner i got in an official email today, that should prove that its not all bad - BE TRUE TO YOUR TEETH OR THEY WILL BE FALSE TO YOU.
    (The official email was advertising a free dental camp)

  2. Looks matter a lot. Everywhere you see there are some subtle indications of this factor. After all according to Darwin it is the pinnacle of evolution. All that bull shit about what kind of person one is inside is exactly that bull shit. Attractiveness to the opposite sex is used as a means to get more profit. Cosmetics works on this principle. This effect is worse on women rather than men I think. I remember a quote from dave barry being pointed out to me " All women want to be bikini models and all men want to date bikini models." Kinda sums it up.