Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Million Little Pieces

I was browsing at a book sale, when I saw this book. It looked interesting (I judged it by its cover :D), so I flipped through it

First flip – quote - Belonging is not something I have ever concerned myself with and is not something I give two shits about. I have lived alone. I am about to die alone.

Second flip – quote (roughly summarized, I’m too lazy to type in the whole thing) – An Addict is an Addict. It doesn’t matter who the addict is or what the addiction is. The life of the Addict is always the same. There is no excitement, no glamour, no fun. There is no future and no escape. There is only an obsession.

So I had to buy the book.

I could identify on both counts. I used to give plenty of shits about belonging when I was a kid, but it became too fucking hard that I gave up at some point and never looked back since. And I was a book addict. I would have whored for a book and I was only 13. I needed a daily fix, anything, anything. Dunno how I got out of it...Its hazy in my mind. Can’t say I wanna go there...

I read the book. It was boring, repetitive, disgusting. Funny in parts and touching. It was life and I am not disappointed.. It is apparently a bestseller in the center of a huge controversy about its factual validity...

This is why I am writing this column today. Because I am irritated. Very bare bones, this guy, pulled himself out of drug addiction, and sat down to tell the story any way he could.

What ARE all these people complaining about?? That he made it as entertaining as he could (heaven forbid!), embellished it to make himself look good (horror!) and made a lot of money (Ah! We come to the root of the hatred!!)

I would like to support this guy and say - "GOOD FOR YOU man! Stay clean and enjoy your riches!"... All you teenage numbskulls, read it! If even 10% of it were true, you’re in serious shit so don’t do drugs. Or anything else. Other addictions are less physically draining, but they fuck with your head nevertheless.

The philosophy of this guy matched mine largely, so I guess a lot of my liking for this book had a lot to do with vanity. So I may not be completely unbiased and I wont deny that. But nevertheless it’s a good book, pure and simple

If Dan Brown’s books sold a million copies (Might I take a cheap shot to say he writes the most serious tripe ever?) James Frey deserves to sell 10 times more; his stuff may help somebody.

There are parodies of this book out already - What can I say? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

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