Sunday, May 27, 2007

Why Me?

The tormentors, the tormented, the saviours, the onlooker
And the cycle of life continues
Make me understand
Why the onlooker, why me?

Can apathy be called a driving emotion?
Can a misanthrope have a function in this ugliness?
Birth, education, shelter and energy
And voila, I’m a self sustaining process

About the ozone, I don’t care
The dying the dead the maimed, Make me!
Would it shock you if my biggest complaint
Is neck cramp from turning away so much?

I wont make a difference big or small
I wont scratch your back if my life depends on it
I wear a sign “Danger! Take Detour”
I live up to it.

I realize life is far from fair
But I had imagined it wasn’t stupid
So much precious resource, life and health,
Why on earth me?

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