Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meta-stasize, Soft shoe

Singlet on a lonely foot
Spotlit at a staged height
Crowd hold up their collective breath
Shrouded in the dark of night
My eyes are dark without sight
As depths are trawled on stage tonight
Tap, twist and twirl, my foot
Follow, hunt, the lazy spotlight
Don’t shrivel or curl my foot
Get used to the heat and light
Surface every scourging sin
Shimmering and shaking
As the soul cries out, still raking
Shades on wakes from depths within
The stage cracks its ethereal whip
And all secrets are lost and gone
Surfaces blown with still winds
And empty depths leached, bleeding
Applause is tittered, encores given
Bodies are shivered, scores smitten
Deep waisted bows underscore the conviction
That the best and truest is left behind
The empty shell tiptoes off stage…


  1. ur works...always a feast of the senses.

  2. How do you write so beautifully? This one reminded me of my barathanatyam days. sigh!

  3. This poem is almost a running commentary of every emotion that accompanies an on-stage performance.

    got your link from antigone. read all your poems. They all have a rhythmic flow about them. liked most.

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  5. @Antigone - Danke schon :)!!! Yours too, I carry your portrait of Frederico with me persistently...

    @Mac - I got another comment about Bharathnatyam too :) ... I have never danced it in my life, and I dunno where it came from :(( ... But I'm kicked it works :)) ... I saw your tag and roused myself to find a way to access blogger... Lemme see what I can do :)...

    @What's in a name - Thank you! The stage is the only thing I saw when I tried to write this :)... Welcome to my blog, glad you liked them!

  6. Thanks Mirabelle :)! Welcome to my blog!!