Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My website

Fokes, due to an acute clinical joblessness condition, I am trying to organize all my blogs at the following location

Plans are underway to jazz it up with PHP/AJAX/Whichever is easier (I was recommended Silverlight too and I am proud to state that I have not yet gone over to the dark side :D!)

Please visit and leave your thoughts/ ruminations/ shopping lists and give me any ideas u always thought would be cool...

A feedback section soon coming up on da site....

In the meantime, I got hold of this ossome blog from Vibra

The guy is simply brrrrillliant!!! Hoo Ha Hoo Ha!


  1. You have written so much! Wow!
    I'm going to sneak a peak once I'm done with my silly chores!

  2. ROTFL, Mac, just say it "Yeesh, you jobless woman, get a life" I swear I wont kill u :D!

    Thnx, will chk da tag :)...