Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Yet Another Conversation with God

Me : God, I don’t see the way ahead. I am afraid. Help me!

God : Forget everything else and look at me, child. Follow my finger and I will guide you to safety

Me : What is safety?

God : Safety is whatever it means to you

Me : How do you know what my safety is?

God : I am omnipotent. I know everything.

Me : Why should I trust you? How do I know you won’t lead me false?

God : Because I am leading you only where you want to go. How can that be false?

Me : Why do I need you then? And what if I change my mind?

God : You called me because you were afraid. When you change your mind, I will change your path. Omnipotent remember?

Me : How does it work? How do you allay my fears?

God (laughs) : YOU should tell ME that. It’s because I show you only one finger to follow and block out other needless worries. I also don't pass judgements about your character or value based on what you tell me. I am a figure who loves you no matter what

Me : So you give me focus and self-esteem?

God : In a way. And also freedom from being overwhelmed by your burdens

Me : But aren’t I supposed to be carrying my burdens?

God : You are anyway. I am just helping you not worry about all of them all of the time

Me : So you are a tranquilizer really?

God : In a way. I am also a handy explanation for the unexplainables

Me : You mean like wars, disease, Bermuda Triangle and stuff?

God : In a way. Wouldn’t it be much more comforting to you if it all happened for a grander purpose that only I know about and I am capably responsible for?

Me : Yes. Does it?

God : It does if you believe it does. Or if you believe in me.

Me : Is that the same thing?

God : Not really. The GRAND PURPOSE goes by many names – Nature, God, Evolution, Alien Farm. I am just one faith

Me : And if I don’t believe …

God : Then you are forced to face the possibility that humans are just another species in a crowded planet, created by happenstance, battling for resources and survival. While humans are the most evolved at the moment, that still doesn’t have to make human life any more important than that of an ant or a crocodile by any scale of measurement. Your importance could be just as random as an earthquake or an ice age. You may simply lose respect for your existence and any significant will to live or make an effort

Me : Is that the real truth?

God : That is “a” truth. Your real truth is mostly unique from anyone else’s and constantly changing

Me : Is that your purpose? To paint the world in a color that people want to see? So you are responsible for providing clarity and motivation and blocking out unpleasant ideas?

God : In a way. For the sake of your sanity and well being, you need to believe your life is precious and has meaning.

Me : So it isn’t really precious?

God : YES it is. What am I trying to tell you?

Me : WHY is it precious?

God : Because I said so.

Me : And if I asked you what YOU thought of life?

God : I would say Life is like Art. Life is for Life’s own sake

Me : We are anyway wiping out many species on the planet and our species is now the biggest. Does that not mean we are winning the race for survival?

God : Yes.

Me : Is that a good thing?

God : In a way. How do you think humans became the biggest race in the world?

Me : Evolution? The Sixth Sense?

God : How does that help better survival?

Me : We think and plan for the future?

God : Exactly. The animal kingdom survives on instinct. They don’t manufacture bomb shelters during a nuclear peace talk

Me : So does that mean we will succeed because we planned ahead?

God : Plans are made for success. They are likely to fulfill their destinies

Me : And what is human’s destiny?

God : It doesn’t matter. Just focus on my finger

Me : Did the humans of the past have more answers to these questions?

God : How does it matter to you? What you are, no one ever was, no one can ever be. The odds against it are astronomical. So why not just enjoy what you are and how much you know? The sixth sense is a two edged sword, just like everything else. You must choose which edge you want to see or not see. I am only here to help

Me : I don’t have enough faith in my race right now. I am afraid.

God : Very well. I will provide the faith

Me : Truth is, my parents are splitting up. I was suspended from school today because they found some LSD’s in my schoolbag. My parents have refused to send me back to school, blocked out all my friends. Now I am at home and I have to hear them fight all the time. It feels like my life is over and I don’t know what to do.

God : And how does that make you feel?


  1. Me : So you are a tranquilizer really?

    Profound... and the last lines were killers...
    But seriously... what if what we think is 'His voice' isnt his voice? And what if He's not who we think He is?

  2. :D Mackie, Exactly... Who knows, why does anyone want to know what anyone else's god sounds like and make it a group endeavor?

  3. Sweets, read it last night, but couldn't comment, you see I am a PM ! - that makes me feel very sad.. but then that's life...baawwwwwwwww

    oh god ! :o

    you should have more conversation with HIM !

    Liked it a lot... but I would like him to answer to the question not counter question and... yea...I got lot of demands from him...

    Ask him would he oblige - for starter by answring them!


    Enjoyed it... actually makes me want to talk to him too...

    Nicely done :))

    yours truly,
    PM :O

  4. Thankye babes :D ... i will try.... ask away, n answer away too, if u wanna ... after all, with he/she/it/them (:D) we can let loose our biggest fantasies!

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  6. Liked the conversation with Your God. Though my God would have answered some things differently. U name dit Yet another conversation. Do you have other? I could nto find the link.

    Enjoyed reading your blog.

  7. @Ray - Thanks for liking what I write and for the invite, will check it out :)

    @Moumita - Of course, more power to your god! I didnt write any others, added "Yet Another..." because already there are plenty such conversations of other people with their gods in pop culture. Thanks and welcome to my blog :)