Saturday, September 06, 2008

Mood Capsule

Lavender and a curtailed smile of bliss inside a drunken monkey stupor playing a curving song of the hips and a praying mantis with the feet tugging at the umbilical cord with the universe where nothing goes to waste with a nowhere song and dance of a senseless mind and body opening up in spirit and camouflage embracing that which it will not understand rippling at that which is too still to be true, loving with arms and minds and eyes and ears and heart and wide open in wonder and waiting not expectant not disappointed not hurting not hungry not angry not resentful not anything just. nought. for the ever empty cup to be filled with a song of hope and heat and a rain of promises and eternal running wisdoms free wind blowing over unhappy sores and eddying around edifying ground truths and long forgotten happinesses of the DNA twisting and turning in unchained abandon with color and purpose in shades of pure joie'de'vivre and breaking dawns and violet winters and northern lights incandescent and unknown my life from today fading into light my life till dawn unsure unwise unready yet brightly planned lovingly played sinfully laid out honestly waged uncharted waters and unwilling tomorrows together spinning unlikely waves and indiscreet longings and pushing pushing pushing ahead relentless like gravity never giving up everything is special as it grows in wisdom and turns in another miracle of unconscious enormity blasting out new portals into the unknown and the parallel and the wishful and the craved storming bastions of the unknowing enslaved the first taste of freedom like honey and lime, the second pure chocolate just that hint of depraved that makes life ring out in different keys and perjure itself for more marching protests of pain making love in the rain lurkings past shadow gently dissipated sweeping unexplored hungers gloriously sated respect for the wise and the wild willingness to change warm unwary unexplained endless free fall into waiting arms forming a limbo where nothing is and everything can be morphing into a rushing river of joining minds and hearts emptying into freely expanding oceans of forward thought breaking through into new dimensions popping control mirages like iridescent soap bubbles ages of dark and light facing forward together drifting along and away as the future beckons with its swishing siren song leaping carefree from oasis to oasis leached by the desert accepting untamed singing like a cuckoo bird declaring its passion unreigned devotion to its mate screaming in tune with thunder laughing like a maniac deep inside the soul at the ridiculous and the insane and the tugging undercurrents and the fears and the honesty learning listening loving with every single heartbeat of this fleeting life with only one conscious wish taking grandstand centerstage, let there be more times like this freeze framed and enamelled and shared freely like nature food water healing love peace word art


  1. Sorry For the comment,But what are You Trying to say.

    Well,i hope you could have made it less complicated then what it looks like.

    I have heard that somerset has written a novel without punctuations.

    I want quote what sujatha said once,in novel or poetry you can write what ever you write ,its more of a personal thing,but a columnist should reach people,well Blog is kinda a personal thing,But its not harmful if it is simple,isnt it?

  2. Hey Travis :), I don't think that I am trying to get a message across here :(( , I don't go too much by strict definitions of anything, I feel it limits creativity

    You are right, simplicity is a gift!! What makes you think this is not simple? Try reading this without keeping all that we learned in school about grammer and punctuation in mind...

    Ultimately, I am docked by what you think, so im sorry if it did not appeal to you, my bad :(

  3. Dont be sorry,thats unnecessary.What i am saying is you do have a great skill in writing,the structure is some what hard to grasp thats all.

  4. Thank you Travis! not always, I hope... sometimes I just get carried away ...