Sunday, April 05, 2009

finally, a clue

an illusion of control
fell around a fluttering curtain
of a river broken loose of a rock
from a height into a hollow beach
regular words sprinkled around it
like dust filtering through a sieve
somewhere between sand and diamond
catching sunlight as they fell
but still
sharp stone and liquid deceived
if a shimmera is what i seek
what a million saw
is what i seek
was it the angle
was, i ask you


  1. Does a poetess require the sanction of the reader?

  2. Sanction of the reader for approbation? of what? Thats puzzling... sorry im a little off ... Can you please spell it out for an ignoramus :( ?

  3. Ignoramus ? ...... Nay

    In my bid to sound interesting my concise turned confound.

    I meant does a really good poet require sanction (approval, approbation) of the reader? No.

    A rhetorical question. But why?

    I've read some blogs lately & the deluge of extol therein.

    I notice your blog has & had had fewer comments.

    Please delete when read. This has too many words. Ruins the charm of the poem.

  4. Thank you Nimo! Its good to hear that, sometimes I dunno what the hell i'm doing ... But appreciation I think in the blogging community comes largely for the kind of person who is writing and not the writing per se, which like all else, is neither good nor bad, it just is... as a person i'm no great shakes at socializing so i just dont cut it, i suppose

    but thats ok too, writing for appreciation is not something i can ever do

  5. Its praise well deserved for 'hell' well done.

    Couldn't agree more that socialites attract common appreciation in socialist republics. But then mass is myopic.

    I thought a fair number of times before commenting.

    I settle without flattery that you are good. I have no faith in 'Just Is'.

  6. Hey Nimo, ya i know what you are saying, could be .... but i think the majority are more delusional than myopic :)

    "everything will become all right somehow" is my favorite delusion :D

    Thank you Nimo, I settle too that you are very good, there is beauty in the way you write!

    'Just is' justice strange no :) ? ... the alternative is trying to change mindsets, and i don't have the energy for that, never did :(, if you do, then wonderful, more power to you!

  7. Delusional reminds me - "We'r all just prisoners here of our own device."

    Thank you too Madhuri for the change. I'm ordinarily noted for sarcasm alone.

    'Just is' indeed justice when adjust to society.

    For mindset.. as a child I used to flop beside meandering movement of ants and keenly observe with an amused smile. My alternative.

    I enjoyed this ideal exchange. I'll continue to read your blog.

    If you think this makes your comments section too cluttered, please feel free to delete.

  8. Sure Nimo, thank you too, for taking the time to understand and like, i appreciate it!

    well mindset, i dunno, heres the thing, nothing is right or wrong when you're looking at the ants right? its a very unfortunate point of view :(

    I wont delete, I don't, coming to think of it I have, never thought about the comments... will now :(

    Do keep writing!!

  9. Were we not always taught that 'Right' is good and 'Wrong' is bad?

    Drawing upon that inference doest not 'Just Is' become a similar very unfortunate view point?

    Now am I crafty or is this really turning out to be interesting?

  10. well in my opinion, of course, right and wrong are ethics of optimism, they must be taught, but they can only be learned by choice...

    well of course "just is" for me is same as ant watching. if i see one ant climb over another to get to the sugar, i dont squish it, i just let them all be, besides my fingers are large and clumsy, i would end up destroying more than one ant ... but often not so easy in practice :)

    it is turning out to be interesting, crafty, well, :)

  11. I see a converge :)

    I chose my own scruples and I admit it is not at all easy in practice.

    However I may, not in general, but in particular decide to take away a grain of sugar.

  12. Yeah I guess I have done that too, but i found out i liked it too much, so i try to avoid it stringently :)... enjoyment of power is a dangerous thing, and the guilt afterwards, devastating :(

    Thanks for the Guitarist prelude!!