Saturday, April 18, 2009

Top ten till now favorite games

I found a new game this week, quite providentially for my near and dear, may I add :D ... prompted me to make this list. A good game is like a good book, its a rush playing it, as some fellow gamers already know. All the below are favorites, with a definitive inclination for strategy, there is no specific order here

1. Commandos - The first game I every played. Have played all versions except Strike Force, one of the best strategy games ever!

2. Age Of Empires - Another excellent strategy game, although Microsoft ruined it later with too much detail. My favorite was the Conquerors expansion, the Briton civilization in particular. Favorite units are paladins, longbowmen and monks. Short range attack, long range defense and healing, a recipe for victory :)

3. Quake III Arena - Nothing like good old quake 3 to destress, picked up the habit from my brother. My favorite weapon of choice is the rocket launcher. Here is a blog I wrote about it a long moon ago

4. Tomb Raider Chronicles - yeah I know Lara Croft is a sexist image, but I have long thought of her as an idol, ironic that she doesn't exist, although Jolie did a fine job in the movie. All the Tomb Raiders barring The Angel of Darkness are super, Chronicles is my favorite because of a level called Gallows Tree, which is my first experience of actual fear inside a 3D pc screen. There is an undead baby here that follows you around. utterly creepy. Close second is Tomb Raider Legend

5. Monkey Island - All the 4 sets, especially 3 and 4. Following the adventures of Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate. Adorable guy with a blond ponytail the most awesome adventures and a talking skull called Murray. The dialogue is brilliant! The soundtrack of this game in ancient midi is most beautiful and was my ringtone for a long time, check it out

6. Thief - Deadly Shadows - RPG cum strategy. Is the game i found now. The details are exquisite and the Hammerite religion of the Builder kinda grows on you, torture, pompous sayings and all :) .. The AI is a little slow but still. creeping around undetected is a total rush, loving it!

7. The Longest Journey - Another adventure game like Monkey Island, the puzzles aren't as difficult as MI, but the storyline is terrific, Stark and Arcadia torn by the divide, quite fantastic

8. Grim Fandango - Again adventure with a class storyline, of Death transporting humans to the Other World and his underpaid Mexican assistant Manny. I haven't yet finished this game, lost my will to live while solving one puzzle and later lost the CD in between many many reformats, will keep looking :( ...Also Lucas Arts rocks!

9. Hitman 2 - Nice balanced compromise between first person shooter and strategy. Eats GPUs though and makes for a little morning sickness

10. Prince of persia - the sands of time - I know its kind of a sissy game, "pyjama clad prince" ROTFL but hell, i'm a girl, WTF, don't judge me :(

Here is a link online I found for top 100 all time awesomest PC games -
The 101 best PC games ever
some of the games I picked are in here so it has to be at least fairly non-propagandistic :D




  1. Are you real?

    Have you played IGI 2 Covert Strike? or Operation Flashpoint ?

    How come Counter Strike doesnt feature?

  2. Hey Nimo, havent played Flashpoint or Counterstrike yet... ok i will :)

    IGI 2 i considered carefully, but Hitman won over... i have very specific tastes, i'm afraid, the storyline should permit "suspension of disbelief" :),

    IGI 2 was awesome to play but the levels and the maps started looking same old same old after 2-3 rounds :(

  3. Your choice for video games are just AMAZING!! Age Of Empires and The Longest Journey both are wonderful games... Game Stop is right place for buying all kinds of games...

  4. Thanks Chad, sure, will check it out!