Friday, May 15, 2009


perhaps the mark of the beast
the bloodlines on the hide
are touched with petty weals
with mountains moved in dark peril
as rabbits moved in warrens inside
perhaps you must scrape off your skin
so you may feel as injured, as injuring
carry a torch a
grudge into a broken wind
live or die what lies within
sabotage the scornful equilibrium
the teacup née the devastation
wouldn't you rather live without
given a choice the beast won't win


  1. absence of punctuations made multiple meanings issue out of it and left behind an interesting taste
    this one weaved a lot of cowebs in my mind :)

  2. Thanks Diwakar, sometimes the temptation :( ...

  3. aint it one of the great joys in life, standing on your head mid-scream :)

  4. "petty weals"

    you know i felt as if you wrote it for me, and since i don't even know you...

    that's how powerful it is.

  5. Thanks Ahona, thats a huge compliment :)!

  6. loved this... the way you've given the punctuations a diss... it was strangely viscous and fluid, both at the same time.
    also, i don't quite know how i should put this but your blog, its look particularly, did strange things to me... brought back all the twenty years of my's got this strange feel. love it.

  7. Really? nice :)!! I hope 20 years ago was good for you :( ...

    Thanks Jadis, welcome to my blog!

  8. i give up on my efforts to write a comment :)
    i'll just read it again.

  9. anything you wanna do Antigona, its all ok by me :)!