Friday, December 11, 2009


and his tears blew over
his life a blown up debris
of once a dream shared with a giant
with feet too big head too high
the giant took his hands together
crushed the little beetle dreamer
and his sadness blew up like another burst of fireworks
like a sorrowful ocean to be fed with chaff
and we all who watch and catch the flurries
of glorious remorse
wonder which way was right
which wrong which way do we like


  1. why do you write so sad?...cheer upp! :) the world is not that bad a place, is it
    nicely written though..very enjoyable.

  2. Thanks Diwakar, you are uncommonly perceptive :)!

    I wish you would reveal who you really are and why you are in my life wearing so many faces

    You are precious no matter who you are and there is no need for subterfuge here

    Unless of course you are merely trying to screw with my head for your amusement, which I will leave you to decide, for it is your karma

  3. you dont know me,..n I'm not hiding anything also...I am there at orkut, facebook, twitter etc with
    lets be friends :) n im not screwing wid your head..why sud I..

  4. Sure Diwakar, if you say so :)

    However send me your full name and address or three people at least one of whom can be classified "real" and then let me decide ... sorry to be such a hardass but I don't do fiction in relationships :(

    You have my word I will not publish this information, and if I do you can always go ahead and delete it, you still own these comments

    I hope we can be friends and better

  5. :D..arre I am a real human being..chalta phirta haddi mans wala insaan..bolne wala robot nehi hun main...hahaha..
    so you were thinking I was someone you know, is it :)
    this is my real name info..ahem, i am from patna, a bengali, presently in kolkata in jadavpur area.. :)
    n plz keep smiling in smilies at least...hasne ke paise nehi lagte :)
    I have no issues if you published this or decided not to

  6. yep im sure you are :) sorry for doubting that, however my embargo stands, you take care and get in touch with me whenever you feel like sharing of yourself differently, if not I will understand, as always :)

  7. Err Madhuri zee poem is nice and comments real weird :p

  8. Hey Nimo thanks! Yeah you're right, what can i say, its a gift :D