Wednesday, January 27, 2010


these fine tangles of twine, around the ears, between the minds, these unlikely spears of control, lancing into chaos, curling into visions, narrow

inside a slingshot inside a straight spine or a skin to skin thunderclap runs the moonlight under the clouds filtered and strained, narrow,

with the few ways to call harmony of sound, the few needs to pull a mansion down, line the way with flowers, fill it with more, broken, bent and fragrant, riots of color, revolutions of sound, a sliver of light on asphalt, narrow,

pull a line of change, press a way to make haste, a way to breathe, slow or sharp, cutaway fabric from the maker's machine, precise corners, part and move away, a neat tear with survivors, narrow,

angles and time, brands and gates, a tattoo with the sound of a heart splicing open, and staying that way, for students of life to peer and break away, strings of memory, thin and white, that cling and bite, narrow,

wheat and dust held apart in two worlds, churned and made, cleaned and left with the color of rust, their parted ways, narrow

some solitudes sunk inside the bones, curved into small daggers and scales, waited to release, waited to cut, narrow

one sliver of heart and one shard of bone came together in a soundless minute and left each other to rest and to reel, turned life into mist, narrow

blood and bones, bright and sweet, did they only smile or did they seek new worlds to live in, new worlds waiting to be made, waiting to speak, waiting without a way out, narrow

breaks in the night, broken wakes of waves travelling on trembling ships, gurgles that start as they stop, are these the same or change every second, narrow

would footprints of shoesand and glass urns of Chinese legend live the same blind eternity when we look away or do they talk, exchange sorrows and watch as passing ships will, no pirate flag, narrow


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