Tuesday, February 09, 2010

beyond weary

this is why my eyes don't close, my pulse won't cease, this is life I dont want. These are robbers masked as life, unasked and sure, they fill silences with graves and come back for more. This is sudden morose growing pain, morbid and wan, a brave unhappy unease. This is a view from a cellar, a ground under zero, shifting and sliding, this is danger that can never fall away. This is trembling moss, quicksand, bright and brown, this is phosphorous on waste, sparkling and sure. This land is no land at all, this ocean floods no skins but burns like acid, again and again. Did you hear faint laughs and far off cries, they were all me, I am drifting further than your help, trying my very best to look sane and alive. and after dread and the casual mundane have silently wound together like dancers stopping for a finale, the wound will sink down into its careful nest and grow into me, new improved boundless and urbane. and I will smile, the light would have left, just the way it came

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