Saturday, March 06, 2010

travel scrabble

Like the sounds of past generations with a variety of unpleasant alternatives, or wonderful, a primary path, also unpleasant, or wonderful, sharp, the search continues. Truth is worth searching for and tame, if understood at the first shot, at the first target. Deep within our bodies, where truth is made, like energy, and funnelled out and about into the world of endless impossibilities, a few shells curl and are tossed out into the ground to make a number. Proves we know exactly what we're doing, how and why. The big dam floods under the surface for no particular reason, or maybe it has no relationship with emergent truth. It is the construct of common sense over fever, proud and plastic. Pointless, you may see, build and break and build and change and break and build and break, but together they grow a truth so powerful, so loud angry and calm, like an abstract painting with whooshes of empty space, rainbows and roadkill in between, but the effect, the effect, is so happy


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