Monday, April 12, 2010

the woman in the train

wasn't quite a woman yet,
dunno if she voted or drank,
too young to push a pram
and she was talking
into her phone
into the train
distracted me from my fears
thank you
looked around quick and wary
anyone watching ...
I obliged her reflection
with music in my head
figure thats okay fair
public place parallel time
didn't want her words anyway
words are my broken edge of impossible
after all else is lost
like footsteps down empty corridors
loud urgent multiplied jarred
I knew he was someone special
her face was tense
her eyes darting
some talk without their bodies knowing
what the hell they want to say
her body was honest angry raw afraid
to herself to the phone to the train
her breath quick and hard
for a while next song
and then she smiled
they'd made up it wasn't war anymore
the train pulled away
the call failed
her breath ran again
did he did he or was it an accident
her hand started rocking the pram
are there no accidents
or are they all
she dialed darted fretted
her smile answered, wasn't me
but it was me, I left her
I do so love a happy ending


  1. What happened in the end! i cant pierce your writing at the point you have kept it for me! Open open open. TELL ME THE WHOLE STORY!

  2. I dunno what to say, I realize this is not Pearl, so, umm, thank you?