Thursday, June 17, 2010

orange night

there is no hope tonight, only wind, insanely happy whistling wind. they made an orange night, to match the decor of hell. a night of obscene powers and a low constant music. they made a night of extraordinary beauty and gave it to me free, only I was looking for hope, and I couldn't set my own narrow life aside to see.

Until now, when the wind slapped across my hair, and moaned, of terror and heartbreak and sehnsucht. of loneliness and a steady chill. it was going the wrong way and it was too strong to be stopped. there is nobody but me around to talk to it to say, there is no right way, there are only ways.

Until now, there is another lonely guy in a corner watching the wind move around the clouds. watching my orange night. and I am so jealous at having my private show shared, I cannot see it from his corner. the wind rages on, useless puny humans with their petty grievances and their sordid lives.

I agree, orange is turning to brown, the blood is ebbing and drying. the wind is still talking, it hasnt found answers, only matchsticks that flow obediently along its path, and snap when it turns. I wish you were here with me, to enjoy this night, to hear my wind and feel my orange sky turn black. its a high deep wind, it will reach you, it will find you and bring you. And now I have my hope, go figure!

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