Friday, July 23, 2010

raising kraken

will you live with a
kraken with its arms wrapped
around the furniture, floor
with its tentacles that creep in
louder stronger than before
so easy to slip down
knots and drown inside the puddle
that is all the creature needs
to slither inside your head
whispering, home sweet home

will you walk with it to
bright blue lights and turn
when it gets bored and just
presses down onto your neck
to guide you into bent alleys
to turn you into a messy wedge
of parts facing around
what used to be direction
with tentacles which used
to be your eyes long ago
stilling doubt, adopting
all the blanks in your soul
will you return

have you reasons to believe
that once a day once a night
a kraken can grow in the place
where you go to hide
just to lie down and breathe
slick out an arm and a leg
just to see
how soon you will succumb
to the idea of living without a
reason to find a place to hide
and the kraken will smile
with one arm


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