Monday, August 02, 2010

lost and confused

beacons should be bright
yours are
but go everywhere
blink on blink off
straight ahead, to one side
which way would you lead me
which way should I come
I would burn my own lights
up into the sky
if only it would help
for you to take me
down the straight line
that goes to the garden path
that leads the way
well trodden and dull
that bumps up against an old door
rosewood with a chain
I doubt excitement works
like a cushion to ease my pain
instead, if you asked me
to lead you down my chosen path
I'd switch on all my carnival lights
and meander
blink on blink off
how the hell do you work this thing
in a scared new world
with too many f/laws
much too much light
and nowhere to park
in the nights

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