Saturday, February 05, 2011

this elusive tick-tock

fitful and grown under feeble light, enough
to see, roaming wolves and fodder called
cornerstones of survival
and so, civilization simplified
life regressed
my tears are not worthy of this occasion
they laugh and refuse
threads hang loose
blind folk on the streets with blades
cut glass, cut more
black cats hiss on broken mirrors underfoot
temptations of arcana
two minds rebel, drawbridges slam shut,
the castle spun a few times, for irony
this world has not changed
but the mirror once flaming
is an old woman, anger weak
there is now a thin red line
cutting the chaos of fate within
and the fate of chaos without
kinship left, sympathy survived
I am just one pawn
on the empty chessboard
hop step two, step, step,
fair-game playing sweet-song
slow but sure, comes the other side
shadows materialize to make it a game,
the knights, the horses, the king-queen all

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