Friday, May 20, 2011

bad bad genie

came true poof, on a bad bad day, with a mirror for me

turning smoky knots to deny my each wish, waiting for my words to rain down on me, in acid and waste, so determined, so sure, I deserve nothing

and my curse of wearing a mirror for a face, it returns to become you, the worst in me, the failures, the lies, these houses of cards built on parasitic opinions, trembling in the rain

chanting so hard, in my name, taking so many pasts, that belonged to me, turning somersaults and morphing, showing me all the faces I used to know, that belonged to you, and therefore me, each face talking with me, telling me, sure, so sure

I am nothing, or I am you, my choice, ha ha

and your wishes come true, my fear and anxiety, of being so real and awake, in someone else's nightmare, being called my name

the ghosts of my failures, too many to bother counting, come true in your hopeful eyes, preying on my mind, sinking my forgiveness with the dire need for it, severing a tenderly held webwing, one last connection to my other reflection

I keep thinking ive been decapitated, its over, i'm gone, theres only my shadow left, parroting speech and miming change, you won, your wishes came true, mine came false

but all I have to do, is walk beside a few falling leaves,

and know, like magic, without question, between tears and thankfulness, my greatest wishes already came true, yours came false

this stirring in the wind, is my true reflection, so strong it no longer bothers with visible light, walks unafraid beside me, through you, doesnt care that you exist

and the blessing of wearing a mirror for a face, returns to become me, turns to look away from your smoke reflection, disgusted and relieved, its just another face

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