Sunday, November 18, 2012

night of the wolves

invisible, but for the gentle lapping of waves
intent, a music faint and heavy in the wind 
a restlessness in the sharp green leaves
a sleepless darting and jumping hurdles
sweat forming a human shaped indent
nothing so obvious as howling
splashed with water and a light, some loud comforting food
prowling, until the darkness hardens, incites a wind
knocks reproachful at the window panes
till an uneasy truce is laid to rest
away from doors, sprawled on cool marble  
close to dawn, when the sweet smell of earth
rises with savage coconut trees
around dense clouds, and the occasional sky
flashing, breaking, sleep away from sheets
thankful, smiles, parched for the sound of water
and in the silence between night and day, 
snow falls

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