Monday, June 10, 2013

together forever

and I tried
so very hard
to keep them both apart
object1 was strong and true
a little lonely too
until its neighbours
overrode reason and decided
object1 needed object2
to merge beauty and class
which for a while was bliss
each did its thing
with a midway kiss
no labels were changed
no judgements were made
then a change came along
bounced on object1
ricocheted off object2
and flew away
as they crashed and burned

firelit the suspicion
and the rumors
were they lovers
kissing cousins
or something more
were they merely good friends
or using each other
from end to end
did anyone really care
if object1 stayed pure
simple and flexible
intent into action
or if object2 grew
as a thing of beauty
and joy forever
as long as they did
whatever they were told
relationships are simple
only for a minute

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