Friday, March 31, 2006

Passing Idlery

I have been presented with a lot of free time today...Although I have an unusual number of pending tasks, I am efficiently doing the maximum amount of idling at the minimum expense of guilt. Funny how free time brings out the best in us...Was reading Dilbert right now (Scott Adams is my Deepak Chopra) and Scott told me to manage my creativity rather than my time, so here I am.....

Am recently doing the rounds of house hunting and patting myself on the back for how experienced im becoming in the ways of the world. In reality, I have a huge board on the forehead saying "Im the sucker you dreamed about" and even the most illiterate of chaps here have figured this one out. So as I pass from one rip-off to another, laughing lightly at the weight of experience gained, I am single-handedly boosting land/automobile/grocery/travel/clothes/ shoes prices in the city.* (This list is not exhaustive).

But Im a bit puzzled. How on earth are everyone else doing such a great job of getting the best deal out of life when I - Super Maddy, am a con-magnet? Real brain-teaser... I think the primary reason happens to be my split second decision making skills....You know, like the air-traffic controllers...That plane goes THERE (Throw in more jargon if that doesnt convince ya, but that is what they do)....Except that ALL my decisions are ALWAYS wrong....

I have a perfect track record of never making a correct decision about anything. And the spooky part is, once I've changed my mind, the original decision suddenly becomes perfect and the new one is what is going to bankrupt me...So I tried handing over decision making to my mother earlier in life and my significant other later.

Problem with mommy deciding was that she always chose what was best for me and after a while, my creativity began to be stifled. So I had to stop her, before she turned me into a seriously worthwhile person, which was clearly not my purpose in life. Problem with my significant other was that he had never taken a decision in his life and didn't plan on starting now and he absolutely refused to have two sets of decisions to not make.

So here I am, having an impact on the economy all by my little self.... SOMEBODY STOP ME!

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  1. Try Denial!

    Deny that you made a wrong decision

    if that doesnt work...

    Deny that your wrong decisions exist.

    if that also doesnt work

    Deny that it was your decision in the first place

    if even that doesnt work try

    Denying that you exist.