Thursday, July 20, 2006


One of my friends passed away yesterday. I had worked with her for a year a couple of years back. I guess this is in memoriam. She was a supremely hardworking, kind person without an ounce of guile in her. She was painfully thin and disturbingly sincere. She has left a husband and a one month old baby behind her.

Of all the people who deserve to die, they had to come and take her. Just reinforces that there cannot possibly be a god.

She used to work weekends, work 14 hours a day, reschedule vacations for work. And all for what? One nice blurry photograph with a Condolence Message.

It makes me furious to think of her and of all the people who live for their work… Someday they will cease to.

So many people had tried to tell her so many times to catch a break…Why wouldn’t she listen??

There’s a big beautiful life out there people…You may not add much meaning to the world, but for your own sakes, smell the roses before its too late.

It is NOT better to burn out than to fade away. It’s better to live and love and dream and do. Because the world doesn’t give a damn whether you stay or go. You live for the people who would be scarred for life if you weren’t there. And there will ALWAYS be somebody who will, no matter who you are.

Above all, we live for ourselves, because we owe it to ourselves to make a damn satisfactory life of the minuscule time we have.


  1. U r quite right, what for do we all work? It's even hard to see someone else take credit for whatever you have done.

  2. "It’s better to live and love and dream and do" - can anybody disagree?

  3. ok .. i agree we live ...

    but whom to love , what to dream and what to do?

    Madhuri comment Please

  4. So true...It was an excellent thought.