Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My experiments with Quake

STATUTORY WARNING - Im referring to Quake 3 Arena. If you dont know what i'm talking about, havent heard of it, havent played it, havent enjoyed it, please feel free to star-hash-ampersand-percentage off :D

The deeper meaning of this game is the demolition of fellow beings in the spirit of purest amity. In the recent past I have almost acquired the status of a nightmare bot... Meaning I can frag two guys from behind before dying of natural causes (a. fall into void, b.frag myself)... A lean mean killing machine incarnate....Well a pudgy mean killing machine at any rate :D

How'd I reach Nightmare? Relentless dedication of useful time to Quake of course... Just goes to show how much hard work and determination can accomplish!! Now I'm 3 frags away from buying a Xaero T-Shirt and becoming a deluxe geek.

Havent beaten Xaero yet, BTW, not even in Hardcore. While I'm slickly banging into the columns of the map and jumping into the void, Xaero just hangs around and picks me off. So does Major... gets me in passing shots when Im minding my own business - fragging someone else from behind...I'll get them yet...

I'm forcing models to Sorlag, cause my bro left it that way and plus I think she's kinda cute with a killer bustline...In one of the maps, two red Sorlags were squabbling with rocket launchers when I hopped up gracefully and fired a random shot between them missing both of them by an equal distance. Then (I Swear) both of them turned together, gave me a contemptuous glance, fired a rocket each at my nose simultaneously and continued to squabble without even checking to see if I was killed. Needless to say, I caught both rockets unerringly on the nose.

And did I tell you about the times I've jumped right behind bots into the void in the hope I can get them before they die?? Yeah, times.

Anyways, despite my sophisticated strategies, I really have reached Nightmare and fragged Uriel too, so thats something.... Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, HERE I COMEEEE!!!


  1. hmmmm looks like u r not going to give up.Anyways r u interested i solving puzzles?

  2. Sry achieving deluxe geek status is not that easy. It requires a lot of hard work dedication inspiration perspiration constipation (well you get the idea.) . You are close to achieving the master geek status though. All the best.

  3. Cool.. I used to play a lot of Q3A