Thursday, March 29, 2007

Training Courses For Men

I got the following forward today

I felt a public retort was in order -

Loyalty – The art of sleeping with one woman at a time

Basic Hygiene – Why Farting will never be an Olympic sport

Advanced Hygiene – How to take a bathe. Step one – Do not be afraid. Go in the vicinity of water

Woman Management – When speaking to the management, you are always wrong. Get used to it.

Household Chores – What are they? Why should you do them? What are the dangers to your health if you don’t?

Flirting – Why Brain Shutdown and Copious Drooling when a pretty woman passes is not flirting

Intelligence – How to exhibit signs of sentient life

Communication Skills I – How silence cannot explain everything or anything

Communication Skills II – How to make eye-contact with women. Amazing facts - Yes, people, eyes of women are actually ABOVE chest level

Communication Skills III – Why whining is not an essential conversational technique

Television – How dung beetles crawling out of a mans body is not science

Television Remotes – They aren’t umbilical cords. Recent studies suggest that they do not need to be severed surgically from the body

Cooking I – The invisible link between keeping a woman and learning to cook

Cooking II – How not to inflict your diet (the word is used loosely here) on others. Always remember, beer is not a major or even minor food group

Space – How to board a rocket ship and blast off so you can get your space

PMS – How to be sensitive to OTHERS’ troubles - Always remember, you may not bleed, but that can be arranged

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  1. Now you can become a consultant
    very good ideas really!