Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fear is the key

Every day we wake to fear
Some old, someone dear,
Afraid to live, afraid to lie
Afraid to talk, afraid to die

As we grow, our fears do
We watch and try,
We storm and cry,
We panic without a clue

Fear of the unknown,
Fear of the known
Fear to change
Fear of change
Fear of another
Fear of one
Fear to do
Fear to be
Fear endlessly...

Some try and fight
Might is right
Might be right
It proves a point
It makes another

Some resign and die
Resign and live
Resign from hope

Some turn to the older
Experience speaks
It shows the way
But what does it say?

Some turn to God
"We provide the faith
You provide for fate"
A path to hope
A way to cope
Any means to exist

Some turn to science
We know the why
The how the when

So many monsters
So many new
So here it is
Our reason to live
Fear is the key


  1. Trust in your self
    you think alot
    you understand things far beyond yor age
    your sensitivity is of a very high level
    you are indeed a very unique person
    let the universe protect you and give you the courage to lead life as it should be lead....

  2. Thank you Sampath!! This is high praise indeed... I wish the same for you and your loved ones!!!