Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Spirit me away
Away from the war
A little peace is all
All I ask for

Oh by all means destroy!
I ask not that you stop
Nurture hate, annihilate
Hit it, from the top…

Before you go
Just one bitsy thing
Take me away, let me go,
Knock me out the ring

I can’t bear it anymore
The sight and scene, smell and sound
No victory, no defeat, just blood and gore
I present to you, the glory of war

Much history, no doubt, will be made
Sword, by and large, eclipsed by the spade
Before the unfortunate have yet decayed
Truth or dare - games will be played

I’ve been up front, for long enough
Too tired to cry, or cry off
Fought in the front, and had to be tough
Now somebody please, call my bluff…

Take me away, far far away
From the front of pain, before it starts again
Find me a haven, the forgotten place
Help me be the forgotten face

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