Sunday, December 30, 2007


Manet - Luncheon in the grass

I roam naked in the streets
I sleep with whoever I please
This here is my body, my mind, mine
Not your toy, your muse, your tease
Don’t touch me till I say – at ease!…

Cover yourself woman!
Shameless heathen bitch
Yet oddly arousing
Without a stitch
I’ll forgive this unholy travesty…
Note! My generosity!
Just…gimme some action

My lip, it curls contempt
O lord and holy master
You pee on the streets
And shroud me in veils
And imagine time will heal??!!

I like my women meek
Don’t you dare best me!
I must thrash, you, you bad bad girl
Pleasure and pain, they’re the same to me

Oh! Joy! Here’s a cattle prod
Lets test out that theory
Shall we?
I’m ready when you’re ready

You sick freeeek!
What else can I expect?
You bare all and roam the streets!
Pain is for you
Pleasure for me
Don’t you see?

Oh I see!! Aren’t I… The Freeeek?
I am not afraid of you or me
I am naked with dignity
I insist on being born free
I rage, not for dominance, just equality!


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