Sunday, December 30, 2007

The power of music

Music, it transcends boundaries, of region and religion, caste and culture. It is a miracle over mindset, spirit over the sanguine.

I don’t need to understand it, to feel it washing inside my heart and mind. With every flow, slowly eroding all the pointless walls I have built within. With every ebb, it takes away a little bit more of my reasoning cautions, making of me, a creature of feeling, not fears

Remembered sounds echo inside my mind, bringing back other days when I listened to them, in other lives. The memories of these lives come alive in my mind, some I don’t even remember living… Maybe, lives of the future, that I am too sane to see in my waking hours…

When I listen to the sounds of generations past, that mirror every emotion I feel, or want, it gives me courage, to think, to feel…I am not alone. There was someone here, who saw this, who felt this, who was also, once, afraid of this. This is a timeless footprint here, for me to understand, and if I can, take forward with me. To hug close, whenever I feel lost, to rage with, to laugh with, to dance with, to fly with…

The sounds of this song - they give me hope of a life beyond these walls,

Of endless possibilities that were and could be
If only I cared to see…
That the world isn’t really about me.
My mind builds pictures - Of soldiers marching through history
To certain doom, brave, bleak,
Knowing, they are never free, never will be
Of troubled youth resisting authority.
Of cries for help, peace, hope
Still echoing pointlessly
Or not, maybe…

I think of the power it takes, the power of mind and spirit and feeling that come together to produce music that will live inside a million minds, shape and mould them for humankind. The power that is rare and that we either know we have, or don’t. The power to change, within and without, that must never be thrown away…The power worth struggling and striving for…

This one's for you, my dear friend
To induce labor in your lazy rear end

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