Monday, January 07, 2008


To twist your world around
Like a revolution without a sound
Magic, in my fingertips,
Flutter, wave, twirl, caress,
Spin a miracle from nothingness
But you must want to believe

I am not here to possess or pry
But to dream a dream and quietly fly
Just to show you starry worlds
With my minds eye
But you must want to believe

There’s no such thing as gravity
No crowds and creeds
No earthly need
To succeed
Just a little glitterdust
Trailing in the wake of me
But you must want to believe

So come on, just you and me
Let free
Who you want to be
Come fly with me
Let go and look up, don’t you worry
I’m your anchor to reality
There are many colors left to see
But you must want to believe

Do you like this world we share
Or would you live the one I made
Just for you and me
Magic over reality
But you must want to believe
Baby, I was born to deceive


  1. Wow! I was floating around in a cocoon of security when the last line threw me for a toss. VERY VERY well written

  2. Thanks Mac :)!!! Actually, I was a little tossed myself by it... But it came out so it must be the truth (Try DAT for an oxymoron :D)

  3. Very nice! Magic over reality :-) You're my kind of writer, gal!

  4. Madhu, Yeah baby :)
    Here's to magic
    Cheers to magic!!