Sunday, February 03, 2008

The falling rain

They all come out only when skies are clear
When thunder’s booming, there’s none to hear
When the rain fall pure to cool the earth
Only to be sullied with smoke, filth, tears
Then rush down the neat drains and disappear
When I’m just another casualty
Of a path hard led
Of lifetimes left unsaid
Of pouring tears unshed
Of nascent hopes mutilated
Hanging by a sliver a thread
There’s only silence unheeding
No one listening but the voices in my head
Cackling, moaning, calling me insane
Try telling the falling rain
Don’t cry, it’s all in vain


  1. Ohmygod!! You're punchlines are the best! "try telling the falling rain, "Don't cry, it's all in vain"

  2. hey,Macademia you just spelled it out for me ;)

    for the poetess: ur words haunt...

  3. Mac, Antigone, Thankk youuu!! U guys float me high(er than normal :))!!