Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There’s a little cave I found
By the veriest chance
Cold and dank, scratchy and pale
But still shelter from the lambasting gale
Just a little rest for the long lonely way
I try to relax
But the rocks hurt my back
I close my mind,
But the grit chokes my eyes
No, on second sight,
This ain’t no paradise
I sweep off some thorns
Tramp down some brush
I spread a little sand
And make me a bed
I lie on my side, gaze at the stars
Interrupted by rain, sparkling in vain
The clouds are about to hide them again
They drift on away, my mind turns, vague
It’s listening to a marching chime
A ringing in my head, a rhythm tolling time
Don’t sense what the noise is for,
Something important, I feel sure,
I strain, its gone, just me and my paradise lost
I sleep
Now the gale is past
The storm, its no more, overcast
They tried to shout, to pull me out
But I was stuck in a rut, I couldn’t live without
It was too late, I was ingrained,
Now I lived for the wait, my life was in vain


  1. You need to put all your poems into a book and find a publisher!

  2. Thanks Mac :) !! Coming from you, I'll take that... Also, right back at you!!