Friday, May 02, 2008

Unin-ten-shuns - Holy Pun-ish-ment (Thats a Metapun :)

Tagged by Macadamia the Nut... Here we go...

10 Things I Miss In My Life Right Now:

Ideally I would fill this with people, there aren't many things per se, that I really miss, but things it say, so things it be ....

1. Work (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA...gotcha)
2. Rain
3. Raviraj Lending Library, T.Nagar - The place had a smell of some popular oodhuvatti(incense) and induces a broadside nostalgia attack wherever I smell it
4. Watermelon - This year, the season was barely there
5. A bicycle - I use to love cycling around for fun
6. A sombrero (Just an exotic touch there :D)
7. The masala chai of another office
8. A pet - we're skating on thing ice here
9. The beach - Irony acute, because I live in shouting distance of one
10.A swing

10 Things I Want To Achieve Within A Decade:

Ummm, WANT being the operative word presumably... If anyone remembers and holds me to them later, fi on you :(!!

1. Organize my photo gallery (YES, it'll take me 10 years)
2. Learn to drive a damn car (YES, this too)
3. Write 5 books (Per book - 1.5 years procrastination,0.2 years static determination, 0.2 years desperate brainstorming, 0.1 years actual work)
4. Learn Mexican cooking (Say CHEEEEEEESE)
5. Create a world (Dunno dontask)
6. Run a marathon (5k plzkthx)
7. Finish one oil painting - The last one I started was 1 year ago, I dabbed a bit of green paint (for tree), it has still not dried
8. Visit Egypt (Mackie, temme if ur going to Peru, I will piggyback on your wish :D)
9. Learn how to build an operating system (the geekbone)
10.Climb a rope

10 People I Hate:

I know you asked for 5 darling, but what can I say, I'm full of it :D...

1. People who follow the people in front (or possibly side) of them and don't have their own opinions
2. Those too scared of everything, and needing constant hand-holding and ego-massaging (Get over it kindly!)
3. Those who take advantage of others. The Default Users.
4. Those who can never admit a fault, and would rather pretend nothing happened than say "Sorry". These are also the kind who will use your apology against you as emotional blackmail
5. Those who get unbearably nosy under the slightest provocation and cannot be diverted in any polite manner
6. Those who have loyalties to suit every occasion and mostly themselves
7. Passive aggressors - Who dont come out and say what they mean directly but make a lot of random white noise near you, in the hope that you will figure it out.
8. Those who gather together in groups and whisper and point at another person. This is also the category of people who use language/caste/creed as a weapon against what they don't understand/what they fear.
9. Those who have suffered a lot in life and think it only fair to pass on the suffering to future generations
10. The handle-with-care types whose egos cannot survive an insult

Having said that, I am most of the above people (and then some :() most of the time, so well, it passes :))

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  1. LOL!!
    Goooooooood jaaaaaab dudette! :D LOVED your list of thing to do in future :D

    And the 10 people.. lol!! Amen to that

  2. Amen darling :D ... wont lie to you, I enjoyed it thoroughly :D :D!!