Friday, May 02, 2008

My first claim to superstardom...

... seems like my very own stalker :D :D ... WOOHOOOOOOOO

Folks, I found this website, erhm, by accident... Can anyone tell me precisely WOT one does in cases like these ?? I am amused and a little angry but not quite sure if this is a legal transgression or not:( ?? Any thoughts??

--- Update update

Ok peeps, I must regretfully announce this is just spyware and probably malware ... My heart is broken, but I will endeavor to continue :(( ... Dont click the link or click at your own risk... Just keeping this post on so dat someday in the future if this site turns out to be questionable, there is one more online vote against it...


  1. Drat! And I was about to ask for a signed picture :D

  2. Villains! Bashi-bazouks! Fresh water swabs! :(( ... You'll see... YOULL ALL SEE :((((((((

    Heya Antigone, long time :D!!

  3. heeheehaahaahooo....*sinister laughter*
    hugs for you, madhuri...:)

  4. Thanks Antigone, likewise :)...