Tuesday, June 03, 2008

For Macadamia The Nut – With Love and Thanks

I am not very good at compliments (Insults are more my specialty :), so bear with my rather naïve attempt to thank a comrade for all I owe her,

Macadamia is one of the few complete strangers I know who invests time to willingly read all my blogs (NO coercion whatsoever, I swear :) and leave her feedback.

She has encouraged me through many times when I barely believed in myself, and I cannot begin to tell her how much that means to me! I might probably have given up and stopped writing a long time ago if it weren’t for her and a few others, whose opinions I trust with my eyes closed,

I think of Macadamia in my head as a beautiful person with talent, sensitivity, impeccable taste, surging positivity and indomitable spirit,

Keep flying, girl and don’t look back!


  1. Oh my God! Madhuri.. :(( :((

    Thank you... I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me now! Damn, I've got to go have a good cry :D I was fighting it the whole day but might as well give it, no? :D

    Today was SUCH a lousy day and I've been sitting here from 5a.m. trying to sort of some chaotic thoughts. And then you come and give me this? *hugs!!*

    But its not me girl.. it's your writing that brings me back each time. And again, it YOU who makes up her mind to go on... no one else.

    Love you SO much!

  2. Thanks babe :')... I know I make the choices ultimately, but the love and support I get makes a hell of a difference!! We're getting too emo :( ....

    Love you too... Cheer up n be selfish :), this too shall pass!!!

  3. wow... thats a touching and amazing gesture!

    wonderful relationship you guys got here!... i always find these things to matter way more in life then hi fi ambitions !


  4. thats very touching mads... now I wanna know M, the nut too :D sounds like cool gal :)

    and YOU keep writing :)


  5. @Crimson Feet - Thanks, Maddy just lucky sometimes I guess :) ...

    Yeah, absolutely! Ambition can louse up a good thing like nothing else :( ... Thanks for sharing :)!

    @PM - Yeah she is one great gal! Thanks for your encouragement :)!

  6. I think its great when people encourage complete strangers (otherwise) and kindda motivate them... even writing a short sweet comment works a good deal.... way to go guys....best of luck..

  7. Akshay... Yeah thats very true :)... Thanks and the same to you too!

  8. 'predilection' be thy name.

    but why do i find myself at the less greener side always(well, almost)???

  9. :D Ah non non!
    Sorry if that is what I deemed
    An ode for a friend
    Cannot mean another demeaned :(

    I have changed my profile picture as a gesture of peace :)

  10. that brings me to the question..whether we write because there would be that one person somewhere in some nook of the world...or would read and understand...or we write because we write!
    cant stress it more but those words of appreciation at the end of the blog mean so much on the days you go back dejected..after a barking from your colleagues who obviously dont see anything in you at all...they think you are a burden on this earth...with nothing in you but shit...
    and then there are those unanswered smses...unreplied calls..and the burden of your own head on your shoulders becomes too much...
    and then suddenly you remember two lines that somebody wrote after reading your blog...and you smile...thinking there are more like me...maybe i need to be more of me then!
    these more like me who exist so far away..i dunno if i ever will see them..but these soul friends mean so much one cant be graetful enough for them.
    sob sob...why does life have to be so sad and touching!

  11. A word of encouragement is the best thing a friend can do..as they say ''A kind word can warm 3 winter months''

    Nice gesture,madhuri.

  12. @Purplesilt - Thanks, Its true babe, we thirst for appreciation after writing what we must... izzat right or wrong, who cares? Did I tell you I still remember some of ur blogs and have slipped into the habit of quoting you sometimes :)!!!! Dont stop is what im getting at...Lotsa love....

    @Mirage - Thank you :), I'm glad you think so! Do visit again...