Sunday, June 08, 2008

A day of reckoning

Today, I look back at my past till birth, and I wonder...
Who do I want to be?

The kite, soaring high
with a guiding tail of hangers-on
anchored to a playful hand
on the ground holding steel string

Or a rolling stone,
at intermittent strife with the ground,
facing destruction any second,
yet unfettered, hardly used

Not an easy choice, no...


  1. wow... amazingly put!... the choice indeed is tough...
    To me the kits represents safety/comfort zone, but with a "limited freedom"

    the stone represents difficulties, excitement, adventure, possible directionlessness, but absolute freedom.

    i am tending towards the rolling stone... thats how its been for long now. But u never know what the safe confines of the playful hand and the comfort of a guiding tail feel more freeing to the spirit.

    replied to your sci fi comment on my letters from moon. :)

  2. Beautiful contrasts girlfriend!! Another one that will go on my fridge to remind me of things that should be remembered.

    The kite.. or the stone..?
    I aspire to be the stone.. but right now I'm the silly kite struggling to break free.. and that hand isn't all that playful either.

    Sometimes I want to chop it off - during my weirder moments :D


  3. @Crimson Feet - Glad you liked it :)! Freedom of the spirit, thats an angle I didnt think about ... Yeah that would depend on trusting the hand holding the kite right?... Its an idea, I must think about it :( ... Thanks a lot! I'll be there :)!

    @Macadamia - Mackie, me too in almost exactly same situ!! Except I wanted to cut the string instead (u got a step ahead :D :D!!) ... I'm right now trying to decide if the hand is what I need versus what I want, if u get what i mean :( ... I think I am taking symbolism to new depths here :(:( ... Thanks darlin!!

  4. The greedy person that I am, I want to deal with the kite, tightly wound on the stone so it is all in place - just strings to the stone that won't move or budge


    Thats some serious contemplation...


  5. I totally get it!!! Because.. surprise.. surprise.. SAME PINCH!
    LOL! I don't even know why I'm laughing, but I'm grinning anyway :D

    P.S. I think 'this' kite is going to come down for a bit, bit the hand and then run away ;) If we're getting insane might as well go the whole nine yards.. what say?

  6. Watcha doing? :D
    Haven't see you around... :(