Saturday, September 27, 2008


He made a pass at me
today, he did not pass me on
today, he did not pass me by
I passed on from his second sight
I traded up I passed outmost
But here I am and there he was
my passport to another life
great hallucinating helvetica
they have happiness in the menu here
borderlined and bargained with fear
all I do is shut my trap
and he will stay like glued up crap
all i need to hold him here
is stand on my head
and he will cheer
the blood rushed up into my face
dripping out one seashell ear
i cannot recall that ripe moment
when i welded love and pain
but i know that he was near
and I turned on up my own disgrace
self esteem is a laugh at screams
in lonely wretched nobody town
they go together, love and need
when need come first, love accedes
they go together, love and hate
when hate come first, love accedes
ain't no one prettier than me
He taught me how to take them down


  1. Chee! Girl! It so uncanny!
    This blog of your is like my fortune cookie. Know why? Everytime I come here there's some post with strains of something thats going on in my life right now. And then I learn that little extra from it.

    Got to read all your previous posts soon!!

  2. Nice mixture of emotions here.Loved the take and the comparison towards the end....

  3. whoa, am at a loss of words! mainly because i didnt understand too much of it. :)

  4. Mackie - Welcome back, I too missed you so! Lovez :), be happy!

    Chaggoholic - Thanks a lot n welcome to my blog :)!!

    King Paul the Viith - Well good for you :( ... it aint exactly a pleasant ride, this one... Welcome to my blog though, hope you will find others more normal :)!

  5. Cool one...The flow was there to feel...i was with the poem till the end...ut wot does the title mean?

    have a blog too for ur eyes to see....


  6. Thanks Karthi, and welcome to my blog! Alakazam does not mean anything in particular, it is a magician's phrase before he makes something disappear ...

  7. Ripe with meanings again! Maaan, spirit infused writing.

    The template too is simply mind-blowing. geezzzz.

  8. Thanks i7, wish you a wonderful 2009 :)!!