Sunday, September 21, 2008


The monster and the myth
Sidling and sliding,
partly crude, partly concealing
slipping by sideways
with the ordinary face
flashes of subnormal
subconscious in passing
the sickness in the stomach
involuntary, revealing
the morbid revulsion
ingratiating in feeling
sickly sweet the mask
a bad taste, a creeping
the cruelty opaque
the kindness so fake
the innocent are waiting
at the brink of outbreak
where lies the rising stake
or maybe when?


  1. gorgeous new look to your blog...
    now that i came around after such ia long time...feels like am home again... :)

  2. Antigona, ur the first, all others have been complaining its hard to read :)!!

    And also, HOOORAYYY youre back!! Where u been :( ????

    Im glad it does, Welcome back hon :)!!