Friday, February 27, 2009

the morbid necessity of exercise

this is the age of the carnal beautiful. An ugly mind is still lovable if it goes with the right muscle groups, and the right social strata. Urhm no offense, I meant to say "differently abled" mind.

now i have been hit by a double whammy - ugly mind, ugly body. With an ardent love of food, food wonderful food glorious FOOOOD. Okay triple whammy with sprinkled nuts. Bottom line (ouch) if I am to make the mainstream some major rearranging is in order.

having realized early (say 25ish) that "carb control" and "nicotine sniffing" were not going to work for me, i hit the gym. or A gym, so to speak. and then another, and another. here's a dirty little secret, they hit back. there is nothing i found more depressing than walking on endlessly with no point, running is worse, you get there faster!

in one of my companies, there was a co-worker who came to the same gym and would walk uphill next to me for miles without breaking foundation, while i panted and puffed close by for about 10 minutes, before taking a break to check out the guys. which is an excellent pastime but not cost-effective yet, sadly. so i quit

there was simply no motivation for me to stay in shape, happens i regard the body as a useful necessity to be kept in order and used correctly, but i don't see why the billboards sell, really. i am yet to find a dude worth the pain, ah cmon very very few do it "to feel good about themselves" thats a load of horseradish! ok thats only partially correct, to put it baldly, any dude who had requirements on how i should look was getting a quick walk the plank.

about this time, my back started getting bent outta shape, probably stress and years of bad posture. i saw a doctor who said i was an excellent candidate for spondylitis, which was apparently THE in disorder in my industry. so naturally i spent a week goofing off and bragging about it at work to whoever said hi.

i was not fond of the pain however. i may be lazy and useless, but i have some standards. so i started trying yoga. the trouble with swanky yogic spas is that the teachers have a lot of new and age stuff to choke you out, and incense which tends to annoy me instinctively. i didnt know any good old age teachers around who were certified by other women as "doesn't feel up the women students", so i bought a cd.

it is a good thing, yoga, no doubt about it. my back pain disappeared in two months, and i promise you, i was very irregular at it. surya namaskaram is one of my favorites, it helped me control my anger as a bonus and did awesome things for my energy levels.

aside from straining a major nerve group once, i was a decent do-it-yourself yog-er? one advantage that an unknown providence miraculously forgot to take from me was flexibility, which i still have a fair bit of, so i am doing quite well at it, yayz. yoga is mostly about form and getting the breathing right, isn't it all... but hatha yoga only please, i prefer my spirit murky


  1. Its a pleasure.... thank you.

  2. Finally you are funny di.. someday I will read your fantasy story but I prefer reading about things like this :) Read my latest post and shower me with sarcasm please !

  3. Whatever works da, thanks :)