Sunday, June 28, 2009


this heres what i yearned for, that there what i said
these here are the masks i wore, those there are my dreads
here is where i made new pain, there is where it bled

this here i laid down the rules, that there i laid
this here i looked the other way, that there i stayed
this here i hid to play the fool, that there i gave it away

this here grows the length of sleep, that there is the night
this here sank the last regret, that there played the fight
this here glow is fire fly red, that there lay the light

this here is my marrow, that there is the skin above
this here is my wooden limb, that there grew up all around
here is where you cut me up, there i was found


  1. 'Speechless' - this is that good....

  2. Ah Nimo, you are speechless here much too often, speak more, you have the gift :)

  3. OK this is brilliant. Just brilliant. I am also speechless.

  4. Thanks Ahona :)!! Sorry about the hibernated response