Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the song and dance for puppetkind

which came first do you fink
the puppets or the mighty strings
red string blue string
crisscrossed color color
twine twitchy
puppet parts
curtain part
scratchy fiddle
curtain up curtain up
before we miss anything
in the music went away
can i be head puppet head
tugging at my own strings
if i haul my sawdust feet
up the ladder over the moon
the show must go on with every hitch
higher higher not too high
don't wanna see puppet underthings


  1. Ahh. Nice to see it published. Now y dont ya reply :) Will b eagerly awaitin ;)

  2. you've really denigrated the human experience here, but never mind, I expect we all do that on occasion when pushed beyond our limits

    thanks for thinking out so loud, and please don't be surprised if I censor any of your further thoughts.

  3. Holla good to see your blog up and running again. Looking forward to good reads as usual.

    Although none of my business... but couldn't help but notice you got a real joker there, cheap and poor English too. Treasure the clown I tell you. These days it's hard to find such nitwits whose every action proves how much better you are. I wish I had one ;)

  4. Thanks Nimo :)!

    Rotfl, you're welcome to this clown, sometimes my compassion wears pretty thin

    there must be a Psycho Exchange Programme of some sort around, damn thats an idea :D ...

  5. Tee hee haw... you bet! Lamebrain now wastes time staying up the night to write comments to me which I snootily ignore :p

    He aint no psycho but a - "To express a release of wind in a hurricane" ;)

  6. yikes! so there IS a psycho exchange program, or at least a share-a-psycho feature :D ...

    and its a she. and i suspect she has unlimited time and energy and very little else going on, so don't waste your time

  7. You bet sorta like two kids playing toss with a rag doll... a "She" !!

    Must be real ugly or something & such poor English language skill... no other interests for sure ;)

    Well Maddy why not just ignore her from now on?

  8. Yeah Nimo, the ideal way to deal with stalkers and poison pens

    Like a compliment to be accepted gracefully :)