Sunday, September 20, 2009

unlearning curves

do I have ten stones for you
when you pushed me to be
impossible from today
flawless in my major rent
no I had some words
around the fear of change
some blinkers on the moves
I made good with you watching
I made perfect with things
I was born to be
forgive the damage
but I needed so much time to see
that it takes my favorite enemy
to fix the flaws I shade
and burn the laws that fade
now I watch and learn
each day I give thanks
for every mistake we made
I never ran so fast
as when you showed me the way
every battle ram needs
a stone wall to break
thank you for a worthy war
for you, I will change


  1. "thank you for the worthy war"

    that is so heartbreakingly honest...powerful? it's beautiful