Thursday, February 25, 2010

skipping stones

boing boing when did the wabbit start, skating across smoothly just an instant on a stone just an instant in a place, whoosh, cartoon quick, he cannot stop to think, water flows swish, slick, why don't they sink they're the wrong kind, boing whoops he almost went belly under, is he a swimmer, is it weird water, what's weird?

starting with the start, does this dance go all the way to the bottom of the deep blue sea, why are them pebbles afloat, what is this buoyed up game for, am I watching because he skips stones, or did I come here to learn, his big clawed feet pump up and around, is he getting somewhere fantastic, or is that underwater? can it be?

blink hes moved, blink, hes left, hes tilting tilting, applause, hes balanced again, a little water sprayed around, no harm done, what's done?

he's grinning, the wascally wabbit, he's getting better, faster, slower, faster, slower, what's better?

skipping stones is easy when he does the long jump, skipping stones is fun to him, to me, arcs of water splash up happy, acres of water watch with me, what are they thinking, they're not doing anything, what's doing?

no questions asked, no answers needed, a world from points, what's fun?

I found an ocean, and the stones just sorta appeared, whats a wabbit?

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