Wednesday, February 24, 2010

port to port

Like all beings, I like to be heard, I like to be understood

But my voice is not in my throat, so try not to look there

I am one of the kindest and cruellest people you are likely to meet

I have only one speed, I do not stop. I may join your path, you may join mine, it will be only for a while, it will only be my speed

I am daylight, unfamiliar each morning, harsh and unrelenting, and warm

Do not close your eyes too long around me, when you open them again, I will have left

My universe is so vast, it will take me my whole life to look around, I will not wait for you

I will smile when you come, I may shed tears when you leave, you will never know. But my hands will never stretch out, my mouth will never call, not even for show

I am antisocial and rigid and undiluted

I will break your heart and disappoint every expectation you have for me

You may break my heart whenever you choose, don't try to glue it back together


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