Tuesday, February 16, 2010

who else was here

of course it would be you, cannot have train wrecks without a train mdea, cannot have results without a few smashed bottles of acid, a few burnt strands of hair smoking in a storm of tears, cannot have these curtains and a view of Paris without endless dust glued silently under your feet, clean but don't scrape, cannot be everybody without deciding to be nobody first, cannot stop or stare at yourself for too long, the world cannot resist taking sides with the reflection, cannot wait for perfection or eternity, both are outside our humble hands, cannot dream of a yesterday and a tomorrow together unless you resign to today, cannot wait for people and places and things and ties, gotta swerve around with the earth with every ounce of concentration, cannot live with all the rules that form and morph every day, their makers don't know the turning earth under your feet, cannot breathe in regularly without a little twist of shock, lemony and quick, we'd forget how it goes, cannot mop up every last memory spilled out like roadkill, smelly and torn, cannot keep looking either, with such beautiful tracks around, cannot reach for the stars without a few more hands beside you, reaching, of course it had to be you, who else do you see, really?


  1. I love trains! Even when they are wrecked! I try sso hard to live together in the yesterday and tomorrow!
    I still love the sharp twisty shock of today! It wakes me up alive while the yesterday and tomorrow only have flimsy dreams of having me!
    But I never touch stars Maddy! I dont dare anymore :(
    I never even ask who else was here?
    I think I am loosing all the asking!
    Thanks for asking for me!

  2. Thanks Pearl :), but you must always dare, it takes time, and whats a lil trauma here and there ...