Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I won't run away

you can line my arms with stones, fill my heart with pain, I will still look at the skyline, think how beautiful

you can show me reflections of one misery on another, call me an angel, the devil,
nothing, nobody, I will still smile with a stray tune that wafts across by mistake,

you can turn me upside down, tie me up shake my head, until all my blood falls away,
I will still listen to raindrops ebbing gently down my soul

you can burn my dreams, torch the circle of decadence around my skin, fill lies into every crevice of my conscious mind, I will still feed random pups because I can

you can blind me with what you think I should see, deaden my tongue with your words,
clean my touch of all innocence, I will still find hurt and rage and fight, inside my hollow shell

you can go away, I will still draw pictures of a curly haired prince-woman-man, fill them with colors that belong to me


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