Friday, March 19, 2010


what is this unease without a tongue trickling down like summer heat before a storm, waiting waiting, to break, and be appeased, waiting waiting, to grow and snake out long like a dragon tongue inside a cotton mouth, incendium, quick dry and final - finally

where did we go inside this city so looming, ducked into the first alley of leaves we saw and felt so proud, the steel shone all around. why did we meet when all I ever wanted from you was nothing, why did we change, to ask each other of food and knives, to chase around the sunlit roads as one shadow, searching for a single heaven

I'm running madly yet but I know, the sweat's different, I want, I want, I don't know what. so I rolled up the dragon into a neat blue carpet, I knitted baubles from each laugh, each misery, each betrayal, each loss, each step beyond my red torn elastic line that must not be crossed, and the studded slingshot became longer, longer, longer

there is a moaning wind tonight and it mocks me, even as I enjoy the sound, I hate how well I know this storm, hate the destruction it will leave behind, hate how mere mortal I am, living storm to storm, instead of sunrise to doom


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